Saturday, 30 May 2009

My First Post; did you get it this time!!

Hey there!!! Welcome aboard!! To all those who know me, I’ve finally succumbed to your perpetual winging about my setting up a blog!! For those who don’t know me and have stumbled in here by accident, I pray you stay before you get too freaked out!
So, why a blog I hear you ask? Its something I’ve toyed with for a while, and the more I thought of it, the more it seemed like something I could, or should do!! I ruminated over it for months, years even, always wanting to start one, but never quite seeming to quite get around to it. There is however, a reason why it finally happened now. This is by far the most uncertain, strange and defining period in my life to date, (which seems to indicate that it may end up being the most interesting!). There is my disintegrating love life, (if it was ever any thing else!), my dissatisfaction career wise, my financial dire straights, my failing health, the need to somehow rejuvenate myself spiritually with a possible trip to ziyarat, and so much more!! Its common to find me on a Saturday night, wasting time and procrastinating over work I really should be doing! I avoid it by wishing some one interesting would appear on MSN, and while I wait, I ponder over all kinds of blogs from across the world, (I’ll slowly start to let you in on the ones I like). I get lost in them, forgetting my own misery for a life which is either so far removed and elevated from mine, (or else so much worse!). In any case, escape is as good as a rest, and blogs cleanse the heart in this regard! The Inspiration found in them is incredible, and while I am not clever enough nor reflective enough to offer the reader of my humble efforts something on that level, the entertainment value will surely be there, and, for purely selfish reasons, I might just be able to make sense of that tangled web that is my life, by ranting and rambling on paper!
Over the following weeks and months as this blog takes shape, please do give me your feedback on it; (for those who know me, be gentle with my delicate disposition!). For those who are new to my blog, expect the unexpected, chaos rules here!
Welcome again, and happy reading!

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