Friday, 19 June 2009

some sparks from tubelight land

Well hello there!! It feels like an eternity since I’ve blogged; largely because about a day after I submitted my last post here, my internet connection at home decided it wouldn’t work, and the engineer, (in his own tempestuous wisdom), still hasn’t got to me!! Why is it, that IT guys seem to insist on exuding an air of mysticism which makes them somehow ethereal and unapproachable; I actually find myself apologising to this guy when I call him, asking with all the tact I can muster (which is dam tough for me!), when exactly he is planning to grace me with his presence, (I am paying him after all God dam it!!

Any way; significant things to update you on:

1. Went with the family to see ‘the war of the worlds last week (pictures soon to follow!). It was truly phenomenal; a once in a lifetime experience, and worked some way to smoothing things over in terms of the family feud (though things are still very tense back home!).

2. Had a job interview yesterday, and am incredibly tense about the result (please, pray with all your might that I get it, there is little more of this God forsaken place I can take, and a decision should be out regarding the deadly director very soon!).

3. Love life! Very complicated!! Reza has been looking in to a PHD programme in Canada, which would mean a positive move for both of us, only, being together still seems like a long way off; am I just being way too cynical? Or just realistic! I just don’t know!! A blast from my past has reappeared too, after marrying the wrong person (for the 3rd time), has suddenly decided that I was the right one for him all along! (I know! Don’t say it!), all this is too surreal for words, at first I was quite flattered; we are very good mates despite all the crap that came between us, and I actually started to think we might work it out, but the inevitable happened; truth ruled out and I’ve claimed head space, (a polite way of saying; bolt!). As if that wasn’t enough, I’m off to see another rishta tomorrow (who sounds like he is totally unsuitable; but it will be fun all the same!).

4. FOI.

5. Inclusion Scotland will be launching its Freedom of information report this coming Monday (more info to follow!), all very exciting stuff; the report is on accessible housing, and the inability on the part of local authorities to deliver the goods where and when it counts! The stats are shocking and the report doesn’t miss any one and hit the wall! But people are listening; we’ve got plenty of messages of support, and our policy officer will be meeting Trevor Philips in a couple of weeks, so all good in the hood!

6. Last, but by no means least; the Revert Muslim Conference!

7. It is with regret, that we’ve had to postpone the UK RMA conference in August, we just didn’t have the funds together, we couldn’t confirm speakers, and the Islamic centre seemed reluctant to confirm the venue with me, possibly because I’m new on the scene, and not one of the London political massive! I feel bad, as though my health dips, work commitments and ziyarat preparations have taken over, I know Shaykh Zakaria is pretty hacked off with me, but if I am to do this, I want it done properly; while people do offer all the help in the beginning, they tend to just want comfortable desk jobs, which are in short supply when arranging events like that! In any case; the conference shall go ahead Insha Allah, either later in the year, or after Muherram in the New Year, just keep RMA and our work in your prayers please!

Right; its Friday, and its chucking out time; I need to get myself out of the office; will blog more next week, and even more when my beloved computer/internet is finally restored to me!


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