Saturday, 11 July 2009

an imperfect day

Today has been one of those non-descript days, the kind you can’t put in to one box or another! Last night, I slept straight after the SIF meeting (which wasn’t as bad as I expected), and woke up at fajr time! I prayed, and realised I was starving, so I cooked parathas and had them with some achaar (random I know, but I had some shaana specials in the freezer, and I was craving mirch at the time!). I then spent some time online, and didn’t sleep till around 7.30 AM!! Stayed in bed all day, and only properly surfaced just now. It wasn’t so much the exhaustion that made me crash as the pain in my head and behind my eyes! In general, I’ve kept fairly well over the past couple of weeks, but I tend to Over work so much that when I get a free window in my weekend my body tends to crash and all the stored up fatigue and illness comes spilling out! It scares me, as I don’t want this to hinder my ziyarat trip. I also feel that while the whole world, (well, at least the whole of the UK!) is down with swine flu, there is a chance that today’s episode might be alluding to that, but I am praying with all my heart it is not!
I am seriously craving pizza, and if I can’t get it out of my system, it shall have to be ordered by the time this post is completed! The worst thing that ever happened to me was pizza hut having an online order system! Somehow, ordering online makes you feel less gilty about said pizza munching, as you don’t actually have to hand over cash or interact much with the person bringing it to you, (well, that’s lightshade logic for ya!!).

Sif meeting! Wasn’t too bad all things considered! A few more women present than I expected, but only half of the new board turned out, which I thought odd considering that the bulk of last night’s proceedings concerned elections for office bearers!
I was almost elected vice chair by a young parliamentary researcher who impressed me greatly with both his wit and sharpened intellect at such a tender age! He is leaving the board in August and will, in my view, be a real loss to management (and to me!), as last night made it clear he is one of my few allies over there! Any way, they eventually opted on electing this guy’s wife, who has never been to Glasgow, and who knows little about the organisation, (the bazaar workings of the wahabi world!) (BTW I didn’t know there were so many in Nottingham?). Kher; credit where credit is due, there are certainly some impressive passionate members with good ideas, and SIF is without a doubt the most dedicated and realistic platform through which Scottish Muslims can be represented. One of the first challenges for the board will be to kick start a membership drive during ramadhan (like all voluntary organisations, and especially faith based ones, SIF has no money!!), without becoming the saleswoman, £2 per month for such representation is really not much to ask in my view! So get yourselves signed up! UK citizens or not! You can still donate!

Right! I’m still in pain and tired, and if I write more its set to be rubbish, so the tube light is switching off for tonight, and off to pizzaland!
Love and chillies!

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