Friday, 6 November 2009

the food you don't want to eat!

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I’m sure like me, you were positively ecstatic to see the legend that is Alex Riley back on BBC 3 this week with yet more “disgusting food”. For those who know me well, you will be familiar with my outbursts of adoration for this man; and how much I wish he was a Muslim so that I could marry him and have lots of incredibly funny and bad ass activist children!
The new series builds upon the old one by getting to the heart of the Crap we just love to eat!! Vile though most of this is, Only Alex could make this topic utterly hilarious and incredibly sexy in places! Munching on fat, calories and rubbish may well be a factor of life around the world, but in truth we in the UK seem to take the biscuit (Enumbers and all!), in terms of masticating waste products!! If you missed the first series I’ve added a small section above which will really put you off your Friday night pizza!! What really got me about this though was, if we are serious about halal food in this country, regardless if how hard it might be to come by, is it really legitimate food stuff; i.e., junk, burgers with only 40% meat in; sweets containing nothing but chemicals and sausages filled with mechanically recovered meat (MRM). If you think the halal manufacturers are above such things, then check out the packaging of your next ready meal or instant parathas; why else do you think they last as long!
Moreover; you start to wonder about all the strange health conditions and rise of cancers we see these days; are we partly to blame? Because of all the crap we pour down our throats? Now! Theres some Friday night thinking for ya!

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