Thursday, 19 November 2009

Here Awards, ..., There Awards!

As most of you know, I’m not a huge fan of awards! (especially the largely tokenistic kind that disabled people like myself tend to receive for achievements such as remembering to pick our noses at a given time of the day!). That said, I’m here to tell you about 2 particularly special awards running right now, in which you really should participate in order to encourage, motivate and empower the brightest and best among our activists today.

Beginning at home, the ‘young Scottish Ethnic Awards exist to promote leadership, citizenship and achievement among young minority ethnic people in Scotland. If you know some one who’s hard work, passion and talent warrants rewarding, surf on down to where you can download a nomination form! Do get them in ASAP in order that your chosen nominee gets counted!

Further afield now, yet so incredibly close to my heart! Are the Brass Crescent awards! I stumbled across these just the other day purely by accident: a blog that I truly adore has been nominated for one of these, so I took a look at the website and the concept behind the awards. The Brass Crescent awards (quoting from the website),
“is an annual awards ceremony that honours the best writers and thinkers of the emerging Muslim blogosphere (aka the Islamsphere). Nominations are taken from
blog readers, who then vote for the winners.

What are the Brass Crescent Awards? They are named for the Story of the City of Brass in the Thousand and One Nights. Today, the Islamsphere is forging
a new synthesis of Islam and modernity, and is the intellectual heir to the traditions of philosophy and learning that was once the hallmark of Islamic
civilization - a heritage scarcely recognizable today in the Islamic world after a century's ravages of colonialism, tyrants, and religious fundamentalism.
We believe that Islam transcends history, and we are forging history anew for tomorrow's Islam. These awards are a means to honour ourselves and celebrate
our nascent community, and promote its growth.”
How awesome is that? Interested? Then surf on down to to vote for your favourites: you have about 14 days left to nominate and counting! Be warned though: you need to take a day or so out for nominating: the blogs up for awards are simply too good to pass by, and deserve your time, pondering and deliberation before casting your vote! Not that I’d try to sway you in any way, but keep an eye open for ‘a slice of lemon, ‘the Gori wife life, Muslima Media watch, and my all time favourite blogger, Lucky Fatima!

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