Saturday, 26 December 2009

On the night of ashura.

It is the night of ashura: the 9th of muherram, and how hard it truly is to find words on this most tragic of nights. Leading up to this day, I spoke so much on TV about muherram, about Karbala, I began by speaking about how one should prepare for this month, I talked about spreading the message of this month to non-Muslims, and I talked about all the lessons contained within its tragedy, yet today I have no words, only an aching heart, a trembling form and eyes painful, swollen and filled with tears. This is the night that proceeds the most evil act of murder and carnage humanity shall ever see and ever know, yet it is also the night that proceeds the most selfless, most high and perfect of sacrifices that the world will ever witness. This night is enormous, filled with tears, pain and blessings, filled with worship and repentance, yet so few know it for what it really is. I spent days talking on TV, trying to demystify muherram, to draw others closer to the truth of this month, I even planned to launch a series here exploring these concepts (Insha Allah I still will fulfil that promise in the days to come), but now, I only have tears, and the reality of this night. In a few hours, the sun shall fade from the sky, our imam (A.S) and his companions will gather in their tents to reflect and prepare for the painful day that lies ahead. The women will tremble and console each other in quiet voices trying to give hope and patience to one another. In a few hours, my imam (A.S) will dim the lamps of the tents, he will stand before his soldiers and give them the option to stay or to go, to run and seek ease in the land of indifference, or to stay with him, to fight on and seek the honour of martyrdom along-side him. In a few hours, we too will dim the lights, we will embrace sorrow and tears and will once again, grab hold of the rope of Hussain (A.S), refusing this world, denouncing falsehood and disassociating ourselves from the axes of evil, choosing a purer way, reaffirming our allegiance to Imam Hussain (A.S) and his blessed progeny (A.S).

There is so much I have said, that I can say about muherram, so much I want to say about muherram, but it is the 9th of Muherram, the chill and the darkness of the night hang heavy around me and take my words from me, from you and from all of us who feel the magnitude of the pain of Imam Mahdi (A.S) on this night. On this night, we, the shia unite in pure grief and pure worship, may it be accepted from each of us, may it act as a source of intercession for us all and may it elevate us in word, act, thought and deed. I have so many expectations and duas on this day, but for now, my heart only bleeds, and I can only leave you with my prayers, and your own tears and duas which bind us together.
‘Oh Allah, bless Hussain (A.S), the family of Hussain (A.S), and the companions of Hussain (A.S). Oh Allah, make us shia that you and the Ahlulbayt (A.S), may be proud of. Forgive us our sins, and make this night a vehicle of intercession, and a vehicle that brings us closer to you, and to the ahlulbayt (A.S). Surely you are the most forgiving, most merciful to those who strive in your way and the way of your prophet (PBUH), and your Imams (A.S).

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