Thursday, 3 December 2009

something to fill a stop gap!

So …, I haven’t blogged very much lately! And yes …, I do feel ashamed! Actually, its not just the usual: (health, sleep etc), allot of good things have happened! And many of them deserve blog posts in their own right! I’ve just not been able to focus my mind on writing them up: and when I did have a stab at it on Monday night, I accidentally wiped every thing I had written!! And couldn’t gather the motivation right then to start all over again! So there you have it …, stop gap!
This was inspired by a job interview I had on Tuesday morning! After reaching the office in question, and realizing I’d forgotten my ID and qualifications, and making all relevant embarrassed efforts to cover up my forgetfulness, blushing, and then fretting over when/how I’d come back to them with the required paperwork, one of the interviewers stuck his head in to the reception area …, and then it clicked! (David Riley!!). I’d known David from a previous job, and really loved the hard-line activist that he was, that, coupled with the fact that I’m positively obsessed with Alex Riley these days meant that I couldn’t resist singing “there’s always a big surprise, in MR. Riley’s pies!” (I think its safe to say I’m most definitely not getting that job!! Any way, MR. Riley, (no relation in case you were wondering), then had to return to his fellow grillers to inform them that we knew each other, and to seek their approval to interview me (he was told he could not), and could only observe! The End result was that I interviewed horribly (I just took 1 breath and spouted out rubbish like a clockwork toy unable to pipe down). It was a behavioral based interview (give us an example of) style of questioning, which I’m worst of all at delivering! All the while, MR Riley sat sniggering at all my in-jokes and subversive references concerning the voluntary sector! All very awkward! And outside of the interview pressure, I struggle to work my notice and to juggle every thing else that is going on: oh the pressure! To help you cope, (or maybe just to satisfy my love for the puerile), here’s some more MR Riley to keep you busy till I actually get around to posting regularly again!

Part 1.

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Part 2.

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