Monday, 11 January 2010

I just wrote, to say, ..., I thank you!

While updating the blog just the other day, I stumbled joyfully across the fact that we now have 5 followers! Not only that, but the best part is that only 3 of them are known to me, and joined of their own free will, without any prompting from me!! (No: seriously!).

When I started this blog last year, I had absolutely no idea how it would turn out, where I wanted it to go or what direction I anticipated taking it in. For this reason, I didn’t tell friends about it, didn’t promote it on any mailing lists: the lower the profile, the better I thought, especially if I was to mess up!
From the beginning, I simply had 3 broad objectives in mind: firstly, I didn’t want it to be a purely religious blog: many were doing that, and I personally don’t find these types of blogs interesting: spirituality on the net only works for me if it is personalised, other wise why read such things: get a book, listen to a lecture and have done with it! I also wanted it to focus strongly on my disability work and campaigning work, but in a practical way rather than simply somewhere where I rant and dump (though I’ve done my share of that too I hear you cry!). Finally, I wanted it to be focused on the Ahlulbayt (A.S), there are so many suni blogs on the internet, and of the few shia blogs that do exist, either they skip sectarian differences completely, or else make little mention of being shia and the differences. While I am all in favour of Islamic unity, I feel that we, as followers of the Ahlulbayt (A.S), are usually the ones who inadvertently play our religion down, for fear of reprisals from the other side. This does little personal damage to us on the outset, but in the longer term, it is easy to begin doubting your standpoint, or to stop researching it because you are not challenged enough upon it. In my own small way, I wanted to create a space where we can be shia and proud! And where others can learn about the truth and the beauty of our school of thought. Over and above that, I just wanted to create something that was Uniquely ‘Roshni, something that served as a written log of events in my chaotic little world, and even if no one else read them, I knew I’d enjoy musing over them a couple of years or so down the line. I never ever expected to generate 5 followers in the first few months, and that’s not including the Emails I receive and comments sent via my blog profile! I am no writer, am certainly no scholar, and there are billions of blogs that are way better than this one in content, style and layout! But if even one of you has gained something from this humble effort, then I’m delighted: it gives me a strange sense of hope, warmth and enthusiasm to keep going when I see a new visitor to the blog or see that some one has taken the time to read one of my posts (and better still comment on it!). I have a fair few blogs that I follow religiously, and am always on the hunt for new ones. During my net travels I stumble across all too many blogs that have been lovingly instigated, only to be abandoned a few months later when either updating them has become too much, or the writer hasn’t received the instant gratification they expected! For my part, neither is a chore and neither aspect of this has been disappointing! Sure I want to put much more in to the blog this year. I want to update it more regularly and want to make it allot more colourful and interactive! But I’m delighted with the response to it so far, and the encouraging beginning: as I always say, with small ripples come large waves!
Thanks to all of you for your comments, your support, your feedback (good and bad), and all that comes in between: it actually means allot more than you probably realise! I pray you really do like the blog, and pray I can strive to make it allot better for you (feel free to drop by and tell me when I’ve got it bang-on, or when I’m way off the mark: that is the only way to climb higher!).
I for one am thoroughly enjoying my journey with all of you, and don’t plan on giving up any time soon, largely due to all of you:
So Thank you one and all: do keep visiting, and now that our followers are increasing, you might just feel confident enough to tell a friend!

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