Friday, 26 February 2010

Hijaab: does it matter?

Some one sent me this link and I thought I’d share the video with you. Normally these things are very false and engineered, but I liked this one, not too construed, and makes allot of good points, useful for dawa, or just for reminding yourself of the real inbuilt empowerment/feminism we own as Muslim women!

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Eid-e-Zahra Mubarak!

Salaamun Alaykum,
Wishing you ‘mubarak: warm wishes and blessings on this most auspicious event of eid-e-Zahra (the divine day of justice, and of happiness for Saeeda Fatimah Zahra, and all of the Ahlulbayt (A.S).

This is an eid very close to my heart, it signifies the time where I became shia, and was the first eid I celebrated within the loving fold of the Ahlulbayt (A.S) and the companionship of their blessed followers. May Allah (SWT) bless you and grant you all the pure hajjat you wish for yourselves. Fill this day with goodness, joy and positivity, and seek closeness to Allah (SWT) and the Ahlulbayt through its observance. Please remember me in your prayers, particularly for my health which is really poor right now (for those I’ve not been in touch with, I have taken yet another infection and am in quite allot of pain).

Forgive my short comings, and I will be posting as normal here soon. Once again, eid mubarak to you, please extend my wishes to your family and community.


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sharareh: you gotta love this!

If there is one thing that reminds me of my beautiful trip to Azerbaijan, it is ‘Sharareh! (the below video) (and, …, YOU, know just why!). I just play it, shut my eyes, and I’m right there! I don’t think I realised how amazing Persian was till this trip. My language learning really hasn’t progressed that far, but, for what its worth, I’ve learnt this song by heart! Its cool, fun and I thought I’d share it! So, if you are feeling a bit down and tinged by February, kick back your chair and raise some floor boards with this song! When I was asked what it was about, I confidently said, “well, lengas of course, you know: Sharara Sharara!” (ah the wonders of dodgy bilingual estimates!). For those of you who thought the same, Sharareh is a girl, and this praises her beauty, the way her mother has styled her hair, and her beautiful black eyes! (well, if you do Hindi and Bangra, you will get it!).
Enjoy, (or else pray for my sanity!).

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Monday, 8 February 2010

Sympathy, any one?

I feel awful! Totally, truly, completely and thoroughly awful! And yes, I sound sorry for myself, and yes, I am miserable, and yes, I will wallow in it for the rest of this week, or, as long as it takes to recover! Its so sad, after a perfectly blissful time overseas, I returned to family panic (for another post), and now, illness! It all started with a blocked nose on Thursday (which I took to be nothing more than the common cold I always inherit after spending 2 hours or above on a flight!), only, by Saturday, my throat ached, and I felt tired and listless. By the middle of Saturday night my temperature was touching 100, my face had swollen to double its size and my ears ached! It was the first time I’d actually asked Allah for one of my regular debilitating migraines rather than the pain I was experiencing just then. I had to wake the family early on Sunday morning and have them take me to hospital. The doc pronounced I had glandular fever, and sent me home in 10 minutes with some hard core antibiotics! From what I read of it, glandular fever is relatively minor! So I don’t quite know why it has floored me so much! my hearing is very badly affected, which leaves me fairly cut off from the rest of humanity! I can’t get out because my balances are affected, and a blind person with dodgy hearing really should be locked in as a matter of course! I’m so exhausted that more than an hour out of bed leaves me dizzy and moaning in agony! Only, when I get back to bed I don’t sleep because of the pressure that laying down puts on my swollen face! Its all too horrible for words (which is why I felt the need to write I suppose!).

My friends have been pretty useless, I think because poor health is becoming an increasingly regular feature of my life they don’t take it that seriously any more, I was hoping for some rice and daal to be delivered, or some one come and make me some ginger tea rather than my having to do it myself (take the hint, will you?), but ah …, no such luck! I’ve loads to do this week, and have so far accomplished very little of it! rather than answer important Emails, update my blog or write 2 important presentations I need to deliver next week, I instead spent 3 blissful hours reading Somali blogs which I stumbled across by accident: ‘modest Justice, and ‘livin in Layla land!! To the authors, thank you for providing such a beautiful insight in to your faith, country and culture, Somalia has always fascinated me for some reason, and Somali is definitely on my list of languages to learn! I then called Reza, had dinner and after posting this, am just about to drop! Any way, if you feel a tiny inch of sympathy for me (sniff sniff!), then please do remember me in your duas tonight, ask Allah (SWT) to have mercy on me, and grant me just enough health to complete what I need to, forgive me my sins and save me from the sniffling trap of self pity!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Tubelight fact file!

I was tagged by Masooma, to write 7 things about myself, and tag 7 others to do the same! I suppose its come at an apt time, as too many people have been messaging to say the blog has been losing its signature personal touch, (that, on top of the fact I’ve been really neglecting it!).

OK, so, completely unplanned, here goes!

1. I’m addicted to soaps: East Enders, River City and Holby being my favourites, (some may say its wasting time, I say its switching off!).

2. I have a very depressive personality. This may come as a shock to some, as I think I hide it relatively well (at least I try to!). I never used to be like this, but as my health has deteriorated, I see it as becoming more of a feature, perhaps the one I’d most like to change!

3. I secretly don’t enjoy living alone! (yeah! No matter how much I pretend and dress it up as being great, it really isn’t!). The older I get, the nights seem all too long, too cold, all encompassing! The need to love and be loved, figures more and more, showing the solitude for the emptiness that it is!

4. Small things mean more than you’ll ever know! Seriously! Those of you who send me encouraging Emails, cute sms messages or invite me out for coffee, your gestures are truthfully never, EVER forgotten by me, and you always fill my prayers.

5. I’m developing arthritis in my hands! (no kidding!). I decided to write this because I’ve been in denial ever since the doctor told me about it! somehow by ignoring it and the pain I often experience, I figured it would somehow vanish in to oblivion! I think to be visually impaired and have malfunctioning hands is a pretty tough nut to crack, but then Allah never tests a soul with more than it can take!

6. I really want another cat!! (listening every one? Eids? Birthdays? Valentines? Got it? cat? You heard? Cat? And Persians are my favourites!!).

7. I’ve recently discovered the beauty of night prayers (salat-al-layl, or tahajid prayers), and highly recommend it to all! There is a beautiful majliss by Ummul Banin Merali on the Stanmore site on this subject, and she gives a wonderful shortened version of the prayers which I’ve been using, in order to get myself in to the groove and get the prayer established before I expand upon it. Really, all the hadaith about its beauty, strength and hidden treasures are absolutely true! This is a subject I’ll doubtless return to, but for now, just wanted to flag it up, for those of you like myself who are perhaps feeling a little drained and needing a burst of spiritual air to keep you moving in the right direction!

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