Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sharareh: you gotta love this!

If there is one thing that reminds me of my beautiful trip to Azerbaijan, it is ‘Sharareh! (the below video) (and, …, YOU, know just why!). I just play it, shut my eyes, and I’m right there! I don’t think I realised how amazing Persian was till this trip. My language learning really hasn’t progressed that far, but, for what its worth, I’ve learnt this song by heart! Its cool, fun and I thought I’d share it! So, if you are feeling a bit down and tinged by February, kick back your chair and raise some floor boards with this song! When I was asked what it was about, I confidently said, “well, lengas of course, you know: Sharara Sharara!” (ah the wonders of dodgy bilingual estimates!). For those of you who thought the same, Sharareh is a girl, and this praises her beauty, the way her mother has styled her hair, and her beautiful black eyes! (well, if you do Hindi and Bangra, you will get it!).
Enjoy, (or else pray for my sanity!).

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