Monday, 8 February 2010

Sympathy, any one?

I feel awful! Totally, truly, completely and thoroughly awful! And yes, I sound sorry for myself, and yes, I am miserable, and yes, I will wallow in it for the rest of this week, or, as long as it takes to recover! Its so sad, after a perfectly blissful time overseas, I returned to family panic (for another post), and now, illness! It all started with a blocked nose on Thursday (which I took to be nothing more than the common cold I always inherit after spending 2 hours or above on a flight!), only, by Saturday, my throat ached, and I felt tired and listless. By the middle of Saturday night my temperature was touching 100, my face had swollen to double its size and my ears ached! It was the first time I’d actually asked Allah for one of my regular debilitating migraines rather than the pain I was experiencing just then. I had to wake the family early on Sunday morning and have them take me to hospital. The doc pronounced I had glandular fever, and sent me home in 10 minutes with some hard core antibiotics! From what I read of it, glandular fever is relatively minor! So I don’t quite know why it has floored me so much! my hearing is very badly affected, which leaves me fairly cut off from the rest of humanity! I can’t get out because my balances are affected, and a blind person with dodgy hearing really should be locked in as a matter of course! I’m so exhausted that more than an hour out of bed leaves me dizzy and moaning in agony! Only, when I get back to bed I don’t sleep because of the pressure that laying down puts on my swollen face! Its all too horrible for words (which is why I felt the need to write I suppose!).

My friends have been pretty useless, I think because poor health is becoming an increasingly regular feature of my life they don’t take it that seriously any more, I was hoping for some rice and daal to be delivered, or some one come and make me some ginger tea rather than my having to do it myself (take the hint, will you?), but ah …, no such luck! I’ve loads to do this week, and have so far accomplished very little of it! rather than answer important Emails, update my blog or write 2 important presentations I need to deliver next week, I instead spent 3 blissful hours reading Somali blogs which I stumbled across by accident: ‘modest Justice, and ‘livin in Layla land!! To the authors, thank you for providing such a beautiful insight in to your faith, country and culture, Somalia has always fascinated me for some reason, and Somali is definitely on my list of languages to learn! I then called Reza, had dinner and after posting this, am just about to drop! Any way, if you feel a tiny inch of sympathy for me (sniff sniff!), then please do remember me in your duas tonight, ask Allah (SWT) to have mercy on me, and grant me just enough health to complete what I need to, forgive me my sins and save me from the sniffling trap of self pity!

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