Monday, 1 March 2010

"I have come: thus spoke the voice of love"

Why is life far from you so painful, moments stretch in to hours, days to years and years to infinity. Each second spent away from you hurts more than the second that past before: hurting me more than I thought it was possible to hurt, yet pushing me to new heights in love I never believed I could attain.
So many struggles, endless battles, a glimmer of hope barely able to shine out of the darkness of uncertainty that surrounds our union. Oh my love, what I wouldn’t do to draw closer to you, what I wouldn’t give up in order to attain oneness in your arms: somewhere in the frantic nature of your existence, or the solitude of your nights, I pray only that my love envelopes you against the cold of distance, and that my aches reach you and comfort your dissatisfied heart. To the one I love, listen to the cravings of my soul and make them yours, let your desires become wings that carry you to me for all of eternity, let the intensity and sincerity of your rightly guided prayers eventually bare pure fruits of completeness that bind us to each other, oh my love, my angel, oh you who forms the only goodness that exists within my being, these simple words are for you, my living and breathing has always been for you, had I only known it. Let my love carry and protect you, and my words decorate your lips in the divine smile which only you possess. Try to smile through the tears and banish evil feelings of despair, for some day if our creator is willing, your hands will dwell in my hands, your soul will merge with mine: our laughter, tears and songs will be as one.
Oh my love, my angel, …, my every thing.

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