Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Twitter oh Twitter, I lay down my arms!

Despite my best efforts, I’ve ultimately had to succumb to twitter!! I registered a long while ago (when every one else was doing it as it appeared cool!), but afterwards, the more I looked at the site, the more I disliked it! twitter reminded me of the mass impersonal nature of facebook: no scope for creativity, no space for connecting with new people or engaging in debate and dialogue! I’d type messages for twitter, only to find they were too large to fit in to that oh so tiny box!! To reinforce my disdain, I read an article on how facebook and twitter would eventually be held responsible for the death of blogging, as bloggers themselves were opting for twitter rather than a more drawn out entry, and the fast paced nature of life today meant that twitter was more conducive to news catching on the go! So there you had it: enemies for life!

When did I switch sides you may ask! I never did really: a few close friends (well, my Reza, to be exact!), drew my attention to links they had posted there, and I was forced to dig out my log-in details to check those out! On appearing active with updated details/info, a whole deluge of people clicked on my page and decided to follow it (generated from the Ahlulbayt TV shows), so I could resist no more! There you had it! I am still pretty aloof, and my love for twitter has not developed any! Its not particularly accessible, and for some unapparent reason if you are using keyboard access commands as I do, your messages somehow appear twice! But if the mood so takes you, then feel free to join me there (and I will be the one person who won’t diss you for posting all but once a year!).
Do not see this as a victory though, oh evil social networking sites: facebook, Beebo, Orkut and Ryze: DIE, sign out, be gone! I remain a proud puritanical blogger, and wish there were a few more of us out there, especially from the shia community!

Any way, should you wish to make my acquaintance over a tweet or 2, You’ll find me by searching for Roshni_h and with any luck you’ll source a whole bunch of other interesting people and groups as well!
Happy tweeting/twitting/twittering/ …, (said tubelight, drowning in a sea of surreal terminology!).

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