Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Heart-felt Appeal from me to you!

Salaamun Alaykum brothers and sisters, Insha Allah this message finds
you in the best of health and Iman.

I am writing to you today on behalf of the Revert Muslims Association
(RMA). As you know, RMA is the only organisation of its kind,
providing mentoring, friendship, education and support to new shia
Muslims, or those wishing to know more about the path of Ahlulbayt

We do this work, purely for the pleasure of Allah (SWT), but also
because we recognise how much of a dire need there is for this work to
be carried out from a shia perspective: all other websites fulfilling
this remit generally come from a wahabi perspective, causing its own

Since our inception, RMA has worked tirelessly to support new Muslims,
and the work has paid off: we now have 2000 registered members from
across the world, as well as countless others who contact us
periodically for advice, counselling and information. One of our
biggest outgoings is our ‘welcome packs! When a brother or sister
comes to Islam, we make a point of sending out a welcome pack to them.
This pack contains an English to Arabic Qur’an, a tasbih, a turbah, a
prayer mat, a prayer learning CD and other assorted literature to help
them on their way. Through the welcome packs we extend the hand of
friendship to people in isolated areas and situations, and insure they
have learnt the basics in order to begin their Islamic life.

Like all other voluntary organisations, RMA is suffering from extreme
financial hardship. Our account is down to its last 100£, and we have
also run out of qur’ans to send to new brothers and sisters. RMA is an
independent voluntary organisation, and although we periodically
receive funds to conduct lectures etc, we have no sustained funds
coming in to help us run our website and related services. We
desperately need your help in order to continue functioning and
bringing others to the path of Islam.

How you can help:

1. We are in urgent need of qur’ans, English Islamic books, Turbah and
tasbih to send out to new Muslims. We also need hijaabs and Islamic
clothing for sisters. If you wish to donate any of these, please
contact me for our mailing address.

2. Visit our website:
if you are able to donate
funds to us. You will find a link to our paypal account on the front
page. Any amount you can spare, big or small will enable us to
continue this Important work, Insha Allah.

3. Create awareness!

4. Despite the huge numbers of people who discover
every day, we know there are many more who do
not know of our existence! Please circulate this link to every one you
know, and especially to new Muslims who are in need of help and
support. Send this Email to family, friends and leaders in the
community and encourage them to donate items or funds to us: perhaps
even take collections in your local centres. Insha Allah through
raised awareness we will be able to take the sacred message of the
Ahlulbayt (A.S) to even more new Muslims or would-be Muslims.

Jazak Allah Khayron for your support, should you require any further
information, please contact me directly.

Yours sincerely,

Roshni Hafeez and Jennah Heydari,
Revert Muslims Association.

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