Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Random apnay moments from Pakistani Politics!

If you are finding the UK election coverage a little dry of late, perhaps this will serve as an apt reminder that less is more, and silence is golden! Can you imagine if Andrew Knielle had to control this lot?

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I haven’t really made up my mind which one is worse, though on balance I suppose Kashmala Tariq did come out shining: (its incredible how the victim card can do that!).
Maybe its just out-of-the-pind Syndrome, I don’t know, but I do know that I’ve never liked Firdous Ashic Awan! When I first met her in person during our House of Lords conference last year, her accent sounded remarkably like my x-mother-in-law, and by the end of the 2-hour event I’d become more than certain that they were related. When I walked up to Rubab and asked her a question regarding press, I didn’t know MS Ashic was behind me!! She turned to Rubab and said, in her finest Sialcoti dialect: “eh kitho pharia?” (translated: where did you find THAT?) (the THAT being me, presumably being blind transforms you from a she, to an it!). While Rubab found it funny, I didn’t: I only became more determined that she was a reincarnation of my X’s mother!
As you watch this, please keep in mind that a ‘lota, in this case, is not the mere jug you use to clean your privates after the toilet, its rather an inanimate add-on (apparently how others apart from me viewed her role!). I don’t know if ‘Hiramundi has a Sialcot equivalent, but for one who claims her career didn’t start there, she seems to know a hell of allot about it!! Firdous Sahiba was given a warning from the leader of the people for this one (a warning, well cushioned by her Punjabi bureaucrat friends who have collectively inflated her way above her station!).
Finally, as to the deep debate about the price of daal, (I was speechless!!), she’s been reading my blog!! No really, she has!! I thought I was the only one who used idioms like that! Go Ashic: you’ve redeemed yourself with that one (well, only a little!).

On a lighter note, there is of course the new romance of Pakistani politics: namely that of Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Hilary Clynton!

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The synchronisation in this video is totally amazing for a Pakistan made production I must say!
When MR Qureshi was asked by a journalist friend of mine regarding his “getting his head together” with Hilary Clynton (Note to readers: that’s about as direct as you can get in Pakistan without being indirect), he smiled smugly and said “I had some work, that needed doing, and sometimes you need to put your head together with some one in order to do that work!”
….., I think I’d be doing an injustice to that infinitely wise observance if I spoke more!!

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