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Another Wahabi attack! (FGM Series)

The FGM series running on this blog was originally supposed to be restricted to 6 posts, however, given the level of interest there is in it, and the severe lack of education there is regarding it, seems to suggest this will sadly be an ongoing subject for us to be returning to again and again. As the fowl disease that is wahabism continues to spread, we need to find new, more clever, sharp and shrewd ways for exposing their ignorance for the empty, evil darkness that it is. Any one can call themselves a Muslim, few live according to the teachings of peace, what is a label when the contents of the product are nothing but fowl smelling diseased comestibles. I’ve received many Emails cursing me, the blog and all those who protest against FGM and other practises like it, but I want to draw your attention to just one of them. This stands out because it was sent by some one describing himself in the subject line of his Email as ‘albaseera ‘true vision! Hmm interesting! Albaseera, in Arabic, literally translates as insight. It is used to describe that ‘true vision, that comes from the depths of the soul, the purest part of a human being before the nafs and other diseases touches it.
This Email came to my attention because, around the time the FGM series was running, another unrelated Email group I am a part of, sent out a message from a research student wishing to research FGM and its connections with Islam. I replied back in brief, trying to summarise some of the points made on the blog series, and also appealing to people to come forward and add their voices to the campaigns to have this practise stamped out for once and for all!
I figured that this particular Email group might actually be more supporting of the campaign: most of them are visually impaired Muslims, so have countered the discrimination head-on. They, better than most others can understand the lack of education among our people and the need for those of us who can, to speak out against it and do what we can to change things. While there are sadly, a great many people around the world who support FGM, this is one of the most blinkered and ignorant responses I’ve ever come across, particularly because it tries to fake concern through clever language and look-warm references, and its come from a so-called scholar who really should know a world better! My apologies if this offends some of you: I suppose we can only understand ignorance, if we see it in the cold light of day and expose it for what it is.

“Without enlightening much further on the subject of FGM, may I remind
my brothers and sisters here that, Only Allah Who is our creator knows
what is good for us and what is not. He sent the prophet Sallallahu
Alaihi Wasallam to us so that he may be the example of our life. We
can by no means gain true success without following him and believing
with certainty without ay doubt in everything that he brought to us.
Of course we would be tested by various means and it is up to us
whether we would choose the path guided by Allah's messenger or the
path of others who are astray.

Our understanding of Islam must never be based on our own defective
thinking and especially on the ideology fed by the disbelieving folk
in whose heart contains not even a single grain of Faith and they
don't even know who their creator is! They might carry out their
project under a very fancy name or under a struggle calling for peace,
however, in reality, what's hidden behind that is a total propaganda
against the Muslims and the merciless slaughter of our own brothers
and sisters in various parts of the globe.

The only way we can bring up our peaceful and happy society is by
bringing back the true teaching of Quran and Sunnah in to our lives.
By Allah! Nobody in the history of mankind ever defended for the right
of a human, whether male or female, young or old like how the Prophet
Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, and the noble Khilafa'
Raashideen have done. And no religious figures in the world history
ever showed mercy, kindness and tolerance to their fellow human beings
of a different faith, race and color like the Muslims.
Let’s entrust the life of our brothers and sisters in Africa,
Pakistan, Yemen, and Iraq and in all parts of the world with the right
hand and not with the hand of the opposing party. Can we give credit
to or even expect assistance from such people who call our Muslims
terrorists and oppressors while their hands are burying our sons and
daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan? While this is supposed to be a
basic Human right, the media feels free to throw out whatever it likes
to disfigure and discriminate the Muslims, yet you would rarely
witness someone finding it interesting enough to strive against such
There are loads of other social problems which are much more serious
and life-threatening than the one previously mentioned, whether in
Africa or in various parts of the world including Europe and the US,
but since it doesn't go well with what the public is interested, it is
simply left out.

Dear brothers and sisters, Let us not be deceived by their soft tone
and sweet talk so much so that we're willing to lend them our ears and
struggle on their behalf while at the same time, we point out our
fingers against our own people and the scholars of Islam. What is the
status and position of those people compared to that of Imam Abu
Hanifah, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi'ee and Imam Ahmad Bin Hambal?
Do you know that, they were such people who would even sacrifice their
life in order that this Deen may reach us?
These were the people who were ready to die for the Deen of Allah.
They wouldn't allow a single bit of Deen to be changed even at the
cost of their life! These are the true scholars of Islam to whom we
owe our sincere gratitude. They weren’t scholars of a particular sect
or group but of Islam as a whole!

Yes. We should help each other in removing ignorance from the minds of
people because many a time, ignorance causes a great deal of damage to
the society. And the very root of ignorance is Kufr and that is, not
having faith and diverting from the right path. Islam means submission
that's why it is us who should find the way for ourselves to fit in
Islam and not the other way round!
I find it as my duty to further enlighten this discussion since the
Hadith concerning it is absolutely authentic and let it be clear that
whatever the scholars said must never be disregarded. The harm and the
ill effect of FGM is not related to Islam nor any law derived from it.
The people must know the ruling and be educated about the correct
method of carrying out such a task while not linking the unexpected
result to Islam but rather to their own ignorance. At the same time,
the ignorant way of FGM must be totally discouraged and avoided at all
costs. Whoever use Islam as a medium to satisfy their desire and
subjugate their women must answer to Almighty Allah on the Day of
Judgment and they will have to severely pay the price of what they've
done. The evil outcome of such careless act could easily be
understood from the description pointed out by sister Roshni in the
previous message. Such cold-blooded and inhuman treatment is
absolutely against the path of the noble messenger Peace be upon him.
May Allah give us the true understanding and guide us to practice the
best of it. Aameen.”
To dissect this, (and I won’t go in to loads of detail as this discussion has taken place in another post with references), my point here is really to try and expose just how baseless and bigoted their pathetic arguments really are!

The writer begins by discussing how the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) came bringing a message of peace, and how, as his followers, it is up to us to discriminate between real Islam, and the corrupted versions, …., I couldn’t agree more! The irony of course is, that this is precisely what wahabis have got wrong! They have chosen a group of peasants for their masters, and refuse to go back to the original unadulterated sources for their Islamic learning, instead following a sheep farmer who’s utterings begin and end with the word ‘kaffar!! And this is the first problem I have with this Email. Kaffar, in Arabic, means a disbeliever in the concept of Tawheed (the oneness of God). While one could, possibly single out atheists as ‘kaffar, Islam expressly forbids a person from labelling any one as kaffar, whether he/she is one or not! Kaffar, or doing ‘kufr are not permanent states, if I negate the demands of my brother or sister on me, I may fall in to Kufr, or, If I ask forgiveness for my wrong-doing, committed by me either knowingly or unknowingly, I may reverse this state and return to the straight path. So, if my own house may not necessarily be in order, I have no right at all to point the finger as it were! And while this Email begins with the pretext of warning us against misguidance within our religion, what he is actually saying (all be it indirectly at this point), is, do not join hands with any one who is not Muslim!! Do you see a pattern here? When Hitler committed his atrocities, he began a mission to obliterate any one who appeared (either physically or mentally) to go against his perverted ideology. Wahabism follows a similar track, that is why nations like Saudi make it so difficult for their inhabitants to marry non-Saudis, that is why they prevent their woman from driving, and many of them have no accommodations for Muslim women in their Islamic centres. The idea of not working together with non-Muslims for the common good is no where in Islamic history. In the early days of Islam, the fledgling Islamic state looked after its Jews and Christians, enabling them to practise their faiths freely and without fear. Through-out history, the ahlulbayt (A.S) went out of their way to form treaties with the corrupt leaders of the time for the good of the people, and when they sent representatives to non-Muslim nations, those people lived peacefully there, according to the laws of that nation. The entire modern-day interfaith movement would fall apart if every one took on the view the Email respondent is suggesting, and I give thanks for the fact that not all Muslims subscribe to such a ridiculous and unashamed segregation!
He then goes back to how we need to follow pure Islam, and goes further, suggesting that no one protected the rights of women like the Prophet (PBUH) (agreed), and the 4 khalifas (disagreed) (with the exception of Imam Ali) (A.S). I say this, not just because I am shia, but for a hard and simple fact: how can a leader, who has been falsely elected, and who, violates the right of his fellow man in the process, defend the rights of women, or any one else for that matter! How can those who made their livings out of fabricating and manipulating hadaith to their own advantages have a single grain of truth in their hearts? And how can a man, who calls himself the ‘rightly guided Khalifa, then go and brutally murder the blessed flower of jannah, the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH), Fatimah Zahra (A.S), not only killing her in the most painful and tragic of ways, but killing her unborn son in the process, all so that he could usurp her inheritance from her! If you don’t believe these facts, you only have to go back and study history for yourself: Islamic history books expose their evil for what it is. Because of their actions, the earliest seeds of terrorism were planted on that very day, and the generations who followed and mimicked their behaviours are cursed too, for many of them had a clear choice, and could distinguish truth from falsehood much easier than one sometimes can today, yet they still chose to follow them. The Emailer suggests we should leave the fate of our sisters who suffer FGM in the hands of the “Muslims”, because that is better for them. I am glad that Imam Hussain (A.S) did not leave the fate of these women, and the rest of the Muslims in their hands, other wise, we would all be excuses for human beings like Yazid (LA), or else we’d all be affected just as wahabis are today.
He goes on to somehow compare FGM with killings in Afghanistan, Iraq etc, and blaming the media for this victimisation. The connection doesn’t quite make sense to me! 2 evils do not make a right, nor do they make a greater evil. While I would agree with him that the media has an agenda (in part) to work against Muslims, but haven’t the wahabis given them plenty of fuel to their fire? After all, few of them speak out against terrorism, and few of them can be bothered to eradicate such ideologies from their nations, and isn’t it the wahabi scholar who takes the knife to his daughter, rather than a foreign journalist? Wahabism breeds terrorism because young men with half a brain can see that there is more to life, there is a need to act, to stand up and be heard, yet wahabism does not provide them with an outlet through which to do so. Unless they are crying ‘jihad or ‘khilafa, no one is interested! Most of them opt out, choosing to agree with my Emailer who says “there are loads of other social problems which are much more serious and life-threatening than the one previously mentioned!). Well, on one level he is right, in fact I’d put abolishing wahabism in its entirety as being one of them, for if we did that, FGM and other perverted evils would automatically dissolve along-side it! But, if this individual truly believes that other things are more important, I wonder how he justifies shouting about the equality he believes he, as a visually impaired person deserves!!! Is that important? Should money even be spent on it!
He does say, (and rightly so), that we should tackle problems within, rather than pointing the finger at our own people! …, well maybe, but wahabis will never do that, and this is why other Muslim groups spend their lives trying to account for their filth in the press, why we get involved in activism and interfaith groups, and speak out against FGM. If the media and the non-Muslims point, it is only because wahabis permit them to do so. 5 years ago, a horrific case of sexual abuse took place in a Glasgow based wahabi centre: myself, and the counsellors involved all received death threats and excrement through our doors for speaking to the media about it! so you see what ‘not pointing the finger can lead to! Sad times indeed!
He concludes by attempting to justify the fabricated hadaith defending this practise (this has already been addressed in a previous post), he says that Islam can’t be questioned nor can the suni scholars be challenged! Strange isn’t it, how the so-called scholars he talks about, were all students of the ahlulbayt (A.S), yet he’d prefer not to go back to the source for his education? Moreover, the ‘real scholars, our Imams (A.S), welcomed all to come, disagree, debate and learn from them regardless of faith, rank, status etc. The day we stop questioning is the day we truly fall down as a nation (if we haven’t done so already!).

There never has, and there never will be, any justification within Islam for brutally mutilating a woman, and I leave my Emailer with another simple fact previously given: were it an Islamic practise, wouldn’t the Prophet (PBUH) have circumcised his daughter and the women of his house? The ironic thing is that, many of these so-called supporters of FGM would never circumcise their mothers, wives or daughters, yet waste their time peddling this evil to others.
May Allah (SWT) save us from the curse that is wahabism. May we never stop using our intellect and logic to lead us to truth and falsehood for what they really are. May we all, Muslim or not, keep speaking out against their disgusting evils and show them for what they truly are to all mankind, and finally, may we continue to enjoin the good and forbid the evil with all those voices who come together for peace and justice across the world, whoever they are and whoever they may be. When Wahabis call themselves Muslims, we carry an even greater responsibility to promote and display true Islam for the peaceful way of life that it really is! While I am not a scholar, and do not claim to be, Insha Allah I’ve sparked some real ‘baseera, within all those who read this (wahabi or not!).

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