Friday, 7 May 2010

Behold, ..., the chai wala!!

Kent is a mutual friend of Reza and myself: I don’t know if I find this so hilarious simply because I know him, but since discovering this video after he kept it incredibly well-hidden, I’ve been laughing myself silly and just have to share!
Kent represents every thing that is captivating about well-travelled people: cool, fun-to-be with, always laughing/joking, on the move, mad frantic and a fantastic cook!

I first made his acquaintance during my Azerbaijan trip, where he and about 5 of Reza’s colleagues invited themselves to our apartment and Reza and I spent the time that we should have been spending loved up, cleaning the house, shopping, peeling aubergines and baking chocolate cake without an oven!
Kent had promised us aloo matar, but despite arriving on time, he spent the first hour on the phone, sorting out work problems and directing the dim colleagues from his office who couldn’t find our place! Time marched on, and we wondered if we’d ever get fed! Finally, Reza took matters in to his own hands and asked what needed to be done! “cut me 5 onions” he said rushing off to commandeer Reza’s laptop “what the F***” was my reaction! (the onions were huge!!!). Any way, he let me off at 3 of them, and in spite of my misgivings, the aloo matar was the best I ever ate in my entire life!! Seriously!
In the below film, Kent demonstrates the art of chai: (when did you become the “Master?!!!?!!!”). This is by far the most surreal study of chai production you are ever likely to come across: note the awesome background music, and the swaav guy cooking along with him: the whole thing reminds you of a very young Jamie Oliver: not least because this was shot 4 years ago! Watch and learn, especially if you really want your chai to be “orgasmic”.

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Even the most seasoned of Extraordinaires have to start somewhere: learn how!

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