Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Coming of age: 1 today!

I am a day late with this, but, .., well, …, any one who knows the chaos I’m going through right now, will excuse me my few hours lateness! After all, I’m normally a control freak when it comes to time!
So, the thing is that the blog reached a mammoth 1 year in existence yesterday! In human terms it would barely be learning to walk, but 1 year feels like a very long time in blog land, at least for me at any rate! While there are allot of legendry dedicated bloggers out there, for every committed one there are 20 who have posted the odd thing, and then left their blogs to rot in to insignificance! I think this is sad, and although I know life can be busy, time can get in the way and some entries can be better than others, I’ve always tried, (and always will try Insha Allah), to maintain some kind of a presence over here, for you, for me, and for the promise I made on the 31st of May when I posted my first ever entry over here!
What a year it has been: the ziyerat trip, all the posts on muherram (I am delighted that Allah blessed me with enough wisdom to write those), then all the trials and tribulations over my job (even though I am still jobless and can barely afford to eat, when I read those posts, I am reminded of why I did what I did and still don’t regret it!). Then, there was the FGM series (that one sure did ruffle a few feathers! But it created allot of awareness too and I will continue to expand on it and keep FGM as a central campaigning issue for the blog). Apart from all that, there have been my own personal rants and raves, some deep reflective stuff, the odd news item here and there and a fair few funnies to boot! This blog has given me a live journal through which to reflect, improve and learn from life’s events; to celebrate the good and try to insure I don’t revisit the bad ever again. Its made me laugh and cry, and shown me that this world of ours really does get smaller every day! I never thought that any one would ever read this blog, and I made a conscious effort not to publicise it! I never thought my writing would be something any one would want to read, and somehow, telling friends to come and make my blog look interesting seemed rather pompous and egocentric! So, you can imagine my amazement when people started turning up here and following my little universe! 1 became 2, and now, not only do I have 9, but my followers list even contains legendry bloggers like Munawar and Kanwalful! I thank each and all of you (followers, and all those lurkers I know I have). I love the fact that you follow me, and that you drop by here when you can! I even love the abusive comments I often receive, for even if we disagree, you clearly care enough to take time out and post here!
As 1 year ends and another begins, the uncertainty and insecurity with which I started this blog remains, only for different reasons: I’ve been to ziyerat, and mashallah, about to make another ziyerat to Iran this time. I know what is happening with work (well, in so far as I don’t have any!). Health wise, I am getting worse and the future doesn’t look bright on that front! And family; well, there are many painful moments awaiting in the next 12 months I fear! But if there is 1 thing the pain of the last 12 months has reinforced for me, it really is that Allah (SWT) is the best of planners. I’ve written this many times here, but I am given reason to passionately affirm so on an almost daily basis! As a Virgo, I am terribly prone to stress, flapping and fretting! Yet in reality, I have learnt that I can only do my miniscule part, put in my best, and the rest is in his (SWT) hands. I’ve had all kinds of strange outcomes, (and not always the ones I’ve wanted!), and then, when I’ve got the ones I’ve wanted, I’ve hated myself for wishing for those things in the first place! My duas are quite different now, and I try to ask only for that which is good for me, (even if its not the outcome my being desires). I’m trying to submit more, to follow the real meaning of Islam, and reconcile to what being a Muslim is really about, i.e., submitting to the will of the divine, and placing my worries in his hands rather than loading my frail self up with them, and that too when I can’t do any thing about them! If there is any thing that you take from this blog, or from the last 12 months, it should surely be to do the same!
So, thank you for your support, may Allah (SWT) bless you, and reward you all for the support you all give me (those I know and those I don’t). Thank you for your duas, friendship, and just for the simple yet necessary smiles your presence brings when I see you’ve visited the blog! I pray you feel at home here, and that you keep coming back here; not just for me, but also in order that we can create a community that leaves a real lasting legacy to those who read it, and those who were inspired by it to do something useful Insha Allah!
Here’s to another 12 months blogging and beyond, Insha Allah!

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