Monday, 7 June 2010

Javed Mohammed: one to watch!

Javed Mohammed is a Muslim writer, director and film maker. His moving struggle is reminiscent of all those who have left their home lands in search of a tinsel Town lifestyle in the states, only his journey is so much more distinguished and important: he is a Muslim, and he is a man with a mission! Haling from the UK, he moved to LA with nothing but his immense skill and incredible charm, coupled with a razor sharp belief that he would be able to cut it, and would be able to make a difference, and boy has he made a difference!
His articles and research are unique, thought-provoking and insightful, while his fiction and films are edgy, fresh and reflective. Many try to juggle the new “Islam genre” along-side more mainstream and contemporary styles of films; few get them right however! Javed experiments beautifully and comes out victorious almost every time, straddling Islam with modern-day struggle, while his fascination with the seemingly unorthodox blends perfectly with his ability to translate the business of living in to art in motion!
Directors like him have my utmost respect; the work they do is complicated and often shunned by the very Muslims who should be backing them. In truth, these directors will do more for Islam and its image in the mainstream than any so-called scholar or preacher will ever do!

His current focus is on his new book, from Bosnia with love (see below). The novel spans 2 continents, with a good blend of thrill, suspense, drama and romance that will keep any reader up all night desperate to get to the climax!
Chart his progress at
And watch this space for updates as well!
Well done Javed: keep it up: you rock, and need to keep on rocking!

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