Thursday, 3 June 2010

My first Award!!

This super cute award was gifted to me by the legend that is
Kanwalful! I am honoured, not just because it is my first, but because
one of my favourite bloggers gave it to me! If you haven't checked out
Kanwal's blog, do so: she is funny, unique, creative, zany and all
things Karachi! (hence my love affair).

As for me, I'm passing this award to Selina over at Selina's world,
because she needs to get started on the award stakes; it will only
enhance her Olympic dreams! And, because I'm feeling generous and all
'fluffy family due to recent events, I also gift this to my cousin
Irena over at 'On our Journey, because she is an award-winner in my
eyes and her nurturing of little Yana will always make her a winner in
every thing she does!
Thank you again kanwalful! I'm not worthy and …, I love you all!

PS: if this post looks weird, its because I'm experimenting with
Remote posting, which is not only a skill to be acquired, but the only
way of visually impaired folks to add images; so don't laugh now will
you! Good! Now go make me some tea to help me recover from the shock
that I've actually accomplished something new and technical!

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