Friday, 11 June 2010

Radio Rules Forever!

Today’s one born every minute is not particularly humorous, .., well, I’m having a strange and very busy day so that’s what you get! …, and my advice? If you think something is going really well, in reality its not and will blow up in your face quicker than you can say sucker! So go lay down in a dark room and don’t take risks till the chaos subsides!
Back to the feature in question, while there is no humour, I think you’ll find it interesting though (one lives in hope!), and you should thank me, because, I’m trying to learn you something! (as they say in Glasgow).

While preparing for the Iran tour, I’ve been listening to allot of radio. Despite my background in the sector, its amazing how, when you are off the scene professionally speaking, you lose all track of what is going on, who is doing what and how much creativity is really out there. I always dreamt of working for BBC Radio 4, (and never made it sadly bar a couple of insignificant independent features), but listening to it reminds me of why I chose this sector, and every thing that is good and original about radio and how it will never be inferior to TV, no matter how much technology anoraks wish it to be so!

Any way, here are a couple of my recent finds for you!
Surf on to and check out:
The Archers: I’ve listened to the Archers since I was a kid, it’s a beautiful radio drama, something of a legend here in the UK. Part of a dying tradition, radio dramas are stimulating and engaging, enabling the imagination to fly to new heights and dimensions at every turn. They are also incredibly helpful to writers who are looking for new techniques through which to convey pictures through the written word. Set in an English countryside village, The Archers explores country life and is based around the ups and downs of a rural farming community: love, loss, family and the price of milk; a lovely way to while away a Sunday morning!

The history of the world in 100 Objects (radio 4).
This series has been written and compiled by the head of the Natural History dept, British museum and is the most incredible and accessible study of humanitarian development I’ve ever come across. Spanning love, religion, industry, relationships, sport and more, the series will educate you and give you a unique perspective on where you came from and where you are going! Moreover, the entire collection of short 15-minute-broadcasts are available to download and keep, so do check them out!
Oh, and there is a lovely documentary on Radio 4 charting the meteoric rise to fame that A.R Rahman experienced in the West following the release of Slumdog Millionaire!

Finally, (and this is a radio 1 find). If you love world music, and indefinable soul/jazz, you will Love Gilles Peterson! I came across this guy during an insomnia moment 1 Tuesday night, and have never looked back! I think Peterson is the only genius in the UK who still plays vinyl on radio! He has my utmost respect: the only qualifying replacement for John Peel. Programmes are available via Radio 1 website, or else check out podcasts and more at

So there you go! Not much humour but, …, plenty to keep you busy while I’m gone!

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