Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The bulb is back in town!!

Salaams, duas, greetings and love from a very tired yet happy tubelight!!
How are ya all doing! I’m sure you thought I’d vanished forever or else abandoned the blog in a fit of rage! Nothing like that however! …., is the penny dropping? Yeah!! Those of you who were listening carefully will remember I had something very important to take care of in Iran! Remember that post on chatup lines? Well there you go! I was busy completing half of my deen! By the grace of Allah (SWT) and through the duas of all my friends and readers, my other half and I finally tied the knot on the 10th Rajab (on the birth anniversary of Imam Jawwad A.S), 18th June 2010. Our Niqah was followed 3 days later by a huge lavish Persian Arusi, and although I despised the idea of this from the get-go, I have to now concede that all the stress, make-up, heat, pictures and fretting were a small price to pay for a truly beautiful day and unforgettable experience, mashallah.

Our wedding was followed by a beautiful ziyerat trip to Mashhad, to offer our salaams to Imam Reza (A.S), and to pray for a blessed start to our new life together. It was an emotional experience: soon after we met, my husband visited Mashhad, and prayed that if we were destined to be together, that Allah (SWT) would make it easy for us. We always promised that if we did indeed marry that the first thing we’d do would be to visit Mashhad as a married couple, and I am so blessed and honoured that we had that opportunity. Our return to Tehran was met with lots of family dawats and festivities, but we did manage to fit in some quiet, romantic couple time in a beautiful summer getaway in the Mountains bordering Tehran. Coming home was a wrench, not only did I have to separate (all be it temporarily), from the love of my life, but I also left a whole new family behind: parents-in-law, a brother and sister-in-law and beautiful little nieces who melted my heart to the core. I spent days in tears and the departure still hurts, but this is the circle of life, you have to take the rough with the smooth, especially if marriage is involved!! For now, we are just staying focused and praying allot that the visa process is made easy for us, and that our separation is not stretched to something more than we can take. We want allot and wish for more, but Allah (SWT) is the best of planners, he has brought us this far, and I’m sure will nurture us till the end, no matter what the outcome may be.
I arrived back in Glasgow on Friday, (yes, I was supposed to reach on Thursday, but met horrible delays and spent an even more disgusting night in Heathrow airport!).
When I finally reached home, I had to shoot over to my parent’s place after grabbing a few hours of much needed sleep. It was my dad’s birthday, and my mum has had a tough time coping with the elderly in my absence, and as a result has been pretty low and depressed. Dad has also contracted some sort of bone infection in his foot, thus keeping him off work and restricting his movements around the house. This was all pretty tough to come home to, and the fact that they still show very little interest or support for my marriage is a tough one to digest, but onwards and upwards I suppose! We did have a pleasant few days together, and it was nice to see every one again after a long absence. I was with Masooma last night, watching the niqah home video and recounting happy memories, while today, I’ve just been catching up on household tasks and urgent calls/Emails and the like. Believe it or not, it’s a year since Auntie Nasreen past away, and I must attend her khatam ceremony this evening. It hurts as I was in Karbala when she died, and I know that were she still with us, she would have been so excited by my marriage and would have totally adored Reza, but once again, the circle of life must keep turning, it is not for us to question why, but to reflect and continue contributing before time depletes from us still further.

As you can imagine, there is so much more to say about my trip, the family I gained, the wedding ceremony and the people I met, but you will have to be patient with me as I deal with the backlog this trip has created, as well as time differences and the inevitable travel bug I’ve brought back with me! In the meantime, I pray you are all well, and will be sure I get to the rest of your blogs as well and shall comment where I can.

For now, peace, joy and chocolates to all my readers,
From the bulb (plus 1!!).

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