Saturday, 14 August 2010

duas, Plz! (snif snif)

This is just a little plea for duas really! Despite my best efforts, planning and diet control, I’ve developed the dreaded Ramadhan bug! I don’t quite know how it happened: but I started throwing up etc about 5 PM yesterday and had to break my fast, and I’ve been feeling utterly dreadful ever since! I’m tired, drained, with horrific stomach pain and get dizzy if I try to do any thing! My doctor fears it may be to do with my going without medication for so long: (something she advised against), but I hadn’t wanted to hear that as I was so desperate to fast, but perhaps she’s right! The worst part is, I’ve got loads to do, I have to visit family tonight and my father, in his wisdom, asked me to retrieve a roll of felt he used to lay my kitchen floor 5 years ago from the back of the cupboard! No kidding! I’d even forgotten about that left-over roll, but now he’s doing up the bathroom and wants it, and wants it now!! I began by explaining my illness, but as its Ramadhan related, he’s decided that is self-inflicted, and, because Ramadhan is all about giving and good deeds, I said bismillah and started emptying the cupboard! Mashallah I found what he was after, but I’m feeling like death now and could use a few prayers please! Insha Allah your fasts are easy for you and your in a better place!

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