Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Group Blog for Ramadhan!

I only had to mention Ramadhan preparations and …, well, here’s one to get you started! SR Masooma and a few others have set up a wonderful Ramadhan group blog. The idea is to create a resource for learning, sharing and growing together during this blessed month. The blog will contain information about Ramadhan, Fiqh and answers to most commonly asked questions, as well as duas and supplications, Ramadhan reading, reflection, some tasty recipes and of course personal stories about growth and lessons learned during this month. You can view the blog or join up at you can of course comment on the articles, and also contribute material of your own! Do check it out, and contact Masooma with any comments or questions you may have. There is allot of excellent stuff on the blog already, even though its only a couple of days old, so stay busy and happy reading!

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