Thursday, 26 August 2010

Its Ramadhan: and its never too late!

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m finding it pretty terrifying how quickly Ramadhan seems to be slipping by! The first 10 days past at a normal speed it seems, but now the month is slipping out of reach as sand slips through the fingers. Remember, Ramadhan is much more than going without food and drink, its infinite blessings make it better and richer than any other month of the year. Each and every thing we do is multiplied during this month, thus good deeds in this month can be the difference between jannah or jahannam. My dear readers, I know you will by now be pretty tired, drained out, exhausted, run down etc, but don’t let these sacred days pass you by. None of us know if we will see Ramadhan again, so let it pass with a sense of satisfaction: though nothing we ever do is enough, but real effort performed with real dedication will truly change your life! It doesn’t matter if you are not religious either: its never too late to start! I don’t always do all that I should either, and Ramadhan is always the time I choose to refresh and renew my promises to my creator. If you are feeling a bit disconnected to your faith right now, (which isn’t surprising given the state of the world!), then take a listen to this nasheed: its one that inspires me, renews me and often makes me cry! Be moved, be empowered and be changed!

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