Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Twas the night before Ramadhan!

It was the night before Ramadhan, when all through the house, …., well, I’m not going to continue that train of thought you’ll be pleased to know, its too reminiscent of Christmas!
Any way, what I do want to do is to wish you all a very happy, healthy and blessed Ramadhan wherever you are, and however you spend this month, may it grant you all the good things you wish for yourselves and your families, and may you emerge from it refreshed, energised and reborn spiritually, with new energy and higher aspirations from yourselves and others, Insha Allah.
Its hard to be hopeful, wakeful and optimistic when so much misery pervades the world right now, but as I always say here, small ripples make big waves: Insha Allah this month of blessings will bring some much needed peace to us all!
Ramadhan is a time to reflect on the year gone by, the successes and those areas needing some work! Since last Ramadhan, I’ve lost my job, but I’ve gained a beautiful husband and an equally wonderful set of in-laws! I’ve become poor (in terms of wealth), but Allah has increased me in consciousness and granted me the time and space to draw close to him. I’ve been weak in health, yet have grown so much spiritually! I’ve learned who my true friends are, and I’ve learned that I don’t have to do every thing on my own! Being an island doesn’t make you a better person, and while those close to me may not have helped, Allah (SWT) has sent me some very special people who have lifted my spirits and helped me where I could not help myself. The fasting this year is long, the days are tough and the fatigue is great, but what we gain for this hardship and this most elevated form of worship is infinite, for those who choose to meditate upon it!
Your actions during this month need not be many, but those things you do should be carried out with a sincere heart, and a desire to become better. Reflect on the year gone by and use this month to give thanks for the blessings, and forgiveness for those moments when you fell short. Hold fast to every sacred moment: those hidden night prayers, the recitation of qur’an, the reflective reading, the eftar invitations and the packed nights at the mosque, treasure them all, for truly none of us knows if we will see the miracle that is Ramadhan next year. Strive hard during this month, do your best, the very best that you can, so that when the celebration that is eid comes around, we can give thanks for a month during which, we became victorious Insha Allah!
Ramadhan mubarak one and all, my duas will be with you, and I pray I feature in some of yours too!

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