Thursday, 9 September 2010

Dear Readers, eid is here!

And so it is, that the long and winding road leads to an oasis: the bitter-sweet joy of eid: the joy of completing another blessed month of fasting, and the excitement of a celebration, which is Insha Allah well-earned. Still, tears seem to blind me as I worry that I will not be honoured by the guest that is Ramadhan again, the sadness, lethargy that seems to proceed ramadhan: over-eating, sleeping, no more gatherings at the mosque, no more eftars with friends, no more charity, no more long, tranquil nights of worship, no more brotherhood with the neighbours upstairs, the only other people in my building to be observing Ramadhan, and waking up for sehri when I did! This month has not been easy, but it has been beautiful and has flown past all too quickly. All the exhaustion, headaches, fatigue, disturbed routine, hectic schedule and chaos all seem like distant memories, tiny trials that seemed to take over at the time, yet now if I could relive them all, only for just another ramadhan, I’d give my life and all that is within it.
This Ramadhan has been spiritually and emotionally tough for me, I’m dealing with lots of difficulties which somehow feel too close to write about, the worst of them being that my husband isn’t here to carry them along-side me, yet Allah (SWT) has brought many answers, ease where there has been hardship and, most importantly, the light of hope that is needed to cope with a brand-new day. I pray that all of our efforts were accepted during this month, and that our sins are forgiven. It is impossible to leave Ramadhan believing that you have fulfilled all of its rights, but ultimately it is in the hands of the almighty, and we pray he sees our intentions for good and overlooks moments of abandon, or inadvertent errors we may have made, knowingly or indeed unknowingly.
In these days of celebration and plenty, please do not forget those in need, donate whatever you can to the Pakistan flood victims. Their tragedy seems to know no end, and the worry that charities have who are working on the ground is that people will decrease in their giving following this blessed month, so don’t let that happen! You owe it to your brothers and sisters to give whatever you can, no donation is too small!
You can donate online, to or to any other trustworthy NGO functioning in your area!
Also, remember the crime that is the predicted qur’an burning, to take place on 9/11. This deserves a blog in its own right, which Insha Allah I’ll get to, but for now, do visit and add your signature to the millions across the world, Muslim and non-Muslim who are protesting against this evil human rights violation. You might also like to write to your MP, community leaders or other influential figures to get them behind this debate, frankly it’s the least we can do! Eid is only a cause for celebration if we have fulfilled the rights of our brethren that are incumbent upon each of us, so do what is in your capacity to do, so that you offer your eid prayers with a clear heart Insha Allah.

To all my friends, readers, those I know and those I don’t, your friends, family members and all humanity near and far, eid mubarak, have a healthy, happy and joyous day, wherever you are and however you spend it!

To all those close to me, this nasheed is for you! Especially all those who worked with me on the radio this month: my brothers, my sisters, this is our song!

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