Thursday, 2 September 2010

Listen up People!

Sorry for the short sharp posts today people! But wanted to let you all know that Shaykh Abdal Aziz Ahmed will be appearing on Radio Ramadhan Glasgow this evening, discussing disability, the programme shall commence at 6 PM sharp UK time. You can listen online from any where in the world by logging on to
And please, if you are listening to this programme, please call in, text in or Email: if the decision makers see that such programmes are gaining momentum and are in demand, they are more likely to continue them Insha Allah. The Programme shall also be available to listen to for 2 days after broadcast. If you miss the live broadcast, log on to and select listen again, then select the Naseeha programme for Thursday 3rd September. Do check this one out: I’m counting on all you lovely people!
To learn more about the Shaykh and his battles for disability Equality, visit

God bless and have a peaceful eftar this evening.

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