Thursday, 2 September 2010

Our Journey (another poem)

So, to get you in the mood for a hardcore disability debate tonight, here is another poem I wrote for our forthcoming exhibition.
Strangely enough, people seem to really like these poems! I’ve no idea why: they are OK, average, not great! I am not a poet, and these are basic attempts to convey a message: still, if people like them and get the point, then I’m happy with that!

Travel with me if you can,
Oh troubled soul, oh angry man.

You need to know that there is more,
Than you have ever seen before.

Woodlands wild and tranquil places,
Tree lined paths and open spaces.

Discover Allah’s Grand design,
No need for you to toe the line.

Travel with me and you’ll see,
You were born to live and wander free.

My Brother as you travel through,
Know that what I say is true.

Believe me, if you only knew,
Humanity has been cheating you.

They say you are worn down with afflictions,
Subject to their own restrictions.

They subjugate you to their lie,
Outside you struggle, yet deep down you cry.

I want only that you now break out,
Open your eyes, stand tall and shout.

Like natural beauty, a shining star,
You need not run from what you are.

Return to nature and be aware,
Woodlands leave them exposed and bare.

Though some may try to squirm and hide,
Nature draws out the truth inside.

For trees stood strong before you and I,
Their legacy of endurance one can’t deny.

Nature taught me I could choose,
I didn’t have to lay down and lose.

For If I’d believed what I was told,
I’d have existed in bitterness, as I grew old.

In the wild woodlands I shall abide,
Where they don’t discriminate or divide.

When all is said and all is done,
Human kind is only 1.

An entity to be celebrated,
With Unity undifferentiated.

A wild flower is what I long to be,
A weed? But if you could only see!

On wet or dry land, above or below,
Wild flowers don’t fail to grow.

Looked down upon in the world of trees,
Wild flowers are greater than all of these.

Unwilling to fall, empowered they stand,
Establishing routes in a hostile land.

Learn from nature what you must,
Discrimination is unjust.

A manmade concept, tired and worn,
Its dead and buried, long out-grown!

Woodlands cleanse and soothe the mind,
Within your soul you’ll surely find.

The answers you were searching for,
See? I told you that there was more.

So travel with me if you can,
Oh troubled soul and angry man.

Carry my words close to your heart,
Never from this truth do part.

Embrace the image of a tree,
And how it signifies your liberty.

Remember that in all you do,
Uphold the uniqueness that is you.

Don’t be down-trodden, or suppressed,
Realise your dreams and be the best.

Be any thing you desire to be,
Branching out like an unkempt tree.

With these words I leave you here,
Confident and without fear.

Travel with me every one,
For our journey, it has just begun!

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