Thursday, 23 September 2010

Our Ramadhan 2010: a beautiful Naseeha in film!

And so: Ramadhan has come and gone, and though only 14 or so days have elapsed, it feels like the month of fasting was an eternity ago, a flash: a distant memory! Do we even remember how we spent it? does our worship and devotion stand out, or when we recall Ramadhan 2010, is it all just a hays of food, fatigue and waiting for eid to come!
“Our Ramadhan”, is a beautiful depiction of some of the trials you might have faced during this month, and more importantly, leaves us with a desire to ponder, and redress the shortcomings we may have made during this month, next time around. Muslims often get their priorities wrong, or else simply lose sight of them in all the hype: “Our Ramadhan” gives us a perspective on what we could be if we got them right!
The film was made by a close friend of mine who is also a producer at Ahlulbayt TV. God bless you Fatima: this is truly inspiring: and if you keep this up, you will go the distance for the community: you are a Muslimah all should be proud of!
Almost a fortnight on, perhaps we can now look back at Ramadhan with some objectivity. Watch this film with your own fasting in mind, see where you went wrong, and more importantly the good you did, that can be built on, Insha Allah. Circulate this to all you know and keep the reflection real!

Part 1:
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Part 2:
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