Monday, 6 September 2010

Tag Time again!

Its another tag people! Thanks Masooma for sending: so I’ll give it a go, with some trepidation: this might show how sad my life has become!!
Books I’ve read recently.
1. Teach yourself Modern Persian, (Narges Farzad).
2. 2. 3 cups of tea (Greg Mortonson).
3. 3. East Of the Sun, (Julia Gregson) (don’t EVER read this book, its just awful).
4. 5. Qur’an of course, …, its Ramadhan.

Songs or Albums I listen to all the time.
1. Misc duas CD.
2. 2. Farbut’s CD (reminds me of the wedding and good days in Iran).
3. 3. Any thing that incorporates Nineties Hindi music! That is where the quality is.
4. 4. Audio books (Misc, and usually when I can’t sleep).
5. 5. Misc Matam: …, well, not all the time, but In Muherram, its always a staple, and whenever there is a shahadat (I’m a huge fan of Fatima Ladak).

I love ….
1. Allah (SWT) and his Ahlulbayt (A.S).
2. 2. My wonderful husband.
3. 3. Parents/in-laws (who are one and the same for me before any one says I’m cheating!).
4. 4. All my wonderful friends and sisters.
5. 5. Chocolate, cholay ki chaat and radio (Misc comforts you know!).

Things I’ve learned this year.
1. Some Persian.
2. 2. Not enough Qur’an, (but I suppose something is better than nothing!).
3. 3. That the most beautiful things in life cannot be bought.
4. 4. That I’m allot stronger than ever I thought, even when times are rough!
5. 5. That sometimes, the people you never imagined cared, were the ones to stand beside me, while those I expected to be there ran a mile! (its amazing how hard times do that!).

New Recipes I want to try and make.
1. Any thing!! That is, if I cook it from start to finish, its an achievement.
2. 2. Any thing that doesn’t use the microwave!
3. 3. Would love to be able to make tahcheen and fesan jaan, Reza and I love them!
4. 4. My father-in-law taught me to skewer kebabs, but mine rather looked like they’d been run over by an articulated truck! So need to master that.
5. 5. Cake! I simply can’t make any thing other than one-pot cake! So God help me!

Favourite online hangouts.
1. Blogs.
2. 2.
3. 3. I could waste weeks on this site! Check it out if you are bored.
4. 4.
5. 5. because every woman has to waste money on clothes once in a while!

Projects I need to work on.
1. Getting a job.
2. 2. Getting a job!!
3. 3. Learning more qur’an.
4. 4. Learning Persian.
5. 5. My husband’s visa (actually, is that a project? Or an endurance test!).

Well, I will not tag any one specifically, its Ramadhan, and every one is mad busy! But any one that wants to is more than welcome to give it a go as I did.

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