Monday, 18 October 2010

Ouch, ouch and ..... OUCH!

I know I’ve neglected the blog of late, and I know how much I hate others who do this; but its all with good reason! I’ve got tendonitis: …, really bad-ass tendonitis! The type that renders you useless in every way!!
For those not in the know, tendonitis is a sort-of RSI, the tendons in the fingers, hands, arms etc become inflamed, scarred and swollen, causing excruciating pain, and making any repetitive or intensive hand-movements virtually impossible (no dodgy comments here please!). Oh! And for those who have been following my never-ending health saga, this is the “arthritis”, I was told I had months ago, and don’t: had they diagnosed it correctly, I may not be in this state now, but so it goes!

Any way, this wouldn’t be a big deal under normal circumstances, but of course it is for me: I can’t write, can’t blog, can’t apply for jobs, can’t even clean my house! And all this at a time when we need to get Reza’s visa sorted, when I need to be back at work, when I need to be progressing my book etc. Its painful and scary: if my hands are out of action, what will I realistically do with this existence of mine, it terrifies me, but its best not to look too far ahead. Tendonitis can be cured with medication, injections and surgery, but each of these outcomes are dependent on significant changes in lifestyle, not all of which I can make for obvious reasons! So I just don’t know. As I can only type for around 15 minutes a day (I shouldn’t even be doing that!), you won’t hear much from me for a while, but you are all in my thoughts, and I pray you’ll not forget this little island of mine and check back once in an eternity when the sun shines again. Remember us in your thoughts and prayers, I do know that light follows the dark night, but Allah knows I’m so tired waiting for it! and just maybe your duas will bring it on!
Love to all.


  1. asalaam alaaykum wr wb
    I'm so sorry sis! I hope Allah swt blesses you with a full recovery ASAP.

  2. Salaams my dear sister; thanks so much for your very kind words and your duas; they mean so much right now! I’m certain there is wisdom to be found, even in this situation, my test is to find it, and painful though I’m finding it, Insha Allah when I know my direction through it, I’ll truly be successful Insha Allah.
    Its also lovely to have you pop in here; I had no idea I had such a talented reader dropping by, only makes me want to improve this space! Take care, and thank you again:


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