Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Awakening time

Men weep for you today in many lands
and on their breasts in bitter anguish beat
and in sad, mournful tunes the tales repeat
of how you lost your life upon the sands
You nobly spurned the tyrant’s base demands
And chose death to prevent your soul’s defeat
Became a martyr with unflinching feet
For these well may one weep who understands.

This sorrow at your death, despite the years
Is still as fresh, which time as failed to quell.
In every heart this day new pain appears
And of your sufferings men each other tell.
They see a vision through slow-falling tears
Of that lone battle where athirst you fell.

It is nearly that time again, the time when life, time, circumstances, all become irrelevant, when we leave the frivolities, the chaos and the material behind, preferring pain, tears, sorrow and grief over all else. A time to reflect, switch off, recharge, drown in darkness so intense it threatens to end all life, yet darkness, in an Islamic context is always followed by light; and reflecting on the light of Imam Hussain (A.S), brings more insight, more tranquillity, more opportunities to aspire to perfection and elevate the soul, than we can ever imagine.
This year, a group of us have decided to prepare a muherram blog, just as we did for Ramadhan. The link to the blog can be found on my reading list, or you can connect with it by clicking www.muherram-blog.blogspot.com
As I am one of the named contributors to this blog, my muherram posts, comments, reflections etc shall be posted over there for the most part (in case any one thinks I’ve neglected my duties!). Do check out the new blog as it grows; and if you want to contribute material of your own, drop me a line!
May Allah (SWT) accept all of your worship during the forthcoming months of sorrow. May you emerge from these months recharged, with a deeper sense of iman, and a renewed connection to Allah (SWT), Insha Allah.

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