Thursday, 18 November 2010

Eid Al-Adha Mubarak dear readers!

Well! …., better late than never eh?
Just a quick note to wish all those who take time out to visit/read or follow this blog, ‘eid mubarak. I pray you and your families have had a blessed day, whenever and however you have celebrated, and that the remaining days of eid are sources of joy and rest for each one of you.
I want to also thank those of you who have sent me eid wishes, Emails and generally enquired about me, and about mine and Reza’s situation. Believe me, you might not think these things mean much, but they really truly do: the reassurance that people care, they are concerned and they are praying for us is an immense source of comfort all the time. I appreciate the fact that you stick with this blog, even when there is nothing enlightening to say at my end! And I’m honoured to have a few new followers over the past couple of months, especially Lucky Fatima who is such an established and prolific blogger herself: thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!

Before I sign off, 2 virtual eid inspirations for you: firstly, the dua of Imam Sajjad (A.S) for the day of eid,
This is beautiful and I recommend you read it, even if you just run through the translation, I can guarantee the peace you will feel transcends words.
Also, the BBC World Service released a programme yesterday which I assisted in making. Hajj on wheels, explores the experiences of disabled people who have successfully performed the hajj, its really beautiful and is sure to motivate/inspire.
To listen, visit and search for ‘hajj on wheels, its under the heart and soul category.

Once again, eid mubarak to you all: enjoy and be sure to eat some extra barfi for me (better still, just bring some over!).


  1. Salam my dear sister; so touched that you dropped by my blog! Insha Allah you had a good eid; and barfi? Well, it’s a totally delicious fudge like sweet from the Indian Sub-continent, made in various varieties, colours and flavours: my personal favourites are the coconut Barfi, or the pistachio flavour (if you were closer I’d definitely bring you some along with some Sweet Milk chai!).


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