Thursday, 23 December 2010

Yet more Sectarianism I'm afraid!

The below is an extract from a press release taken from the Islamic Human Rights Commission Website. Another worrying Development I’m sure you’ll agree, and just further proof of the wahabi disease that is destroying Islam, and the world beyond it!

***what the newspapers don’t say***
During the Ashura commemoration event on 16th December 2010, JAIS (state religious authority in Malaysia) raided the Hauzah ar-Redah in Gombak, State of
Selangor and arrested 200 people including the local Aalim(cleric) as well as the visiting aalim(cleric/speaker) from Iran. While all of the attendees
at this event seem to now have been released, the two clerics were released on bail and will be appearing at a hearing on 20th January. At this point in
time, it is not clear what the grounds for arrest were as well as a lack of clarity around what the charges are likely to be in court.

On Friday, the Malay newspapers in Malaysia carried this story on their front pages in terms of a shia threat and language reminiscent of a culture of demonization
of Shias within Malaysia. This is in stark contrast to the English newspapers in Malaysia which carried the story of the suspension of the leader of the
opposition coalition, Ibrahim Anwar, and the walkout of the opposition from parliament.

While this may be a mere coincidence, IHRC is worried by the suggestion that the government has used the tool of sectarian demonization in its efforts to
deflect scrutiny of its political actions amongst the Malay speaking masses. The Malaysian government should take its responsibilities more seriously and
not promote this sectarianism which can have dangerous consequences.

Malaysian authorities are bound by international as well as national laws to protect all religious groups from any form of discrimination.

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  1. SubhanAllah. I read this earlier and I'm so upset. I don't get it. We believe in Allah. We believe in his Prophet (sawws) and his Ahlul Bayt (as). JUST LIKE THEY DO. In fact, 99% if not all of our practices and teachings are proved by their OWN BOOKS! Ya'Allah.


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