Sunday, 16 January 2011

Oh City of Lights ... Honouring Karachi!

I walked a little too far down ‘memory Lane this evening, and found myself missing Karachi like mad! Below is the result of said rambling: enjoy! (or at least reminisce with me!).

Oh city of lights, this is my song,
I’m still very broken, not yet growing strong.

Oh city of lights, what I left behind, beneath the soil of Gulshin, you’re sure to find,

My hopes, my dreams, my love dwells with you,
All those ambitions that will never come true.

Oh city of lights, your light like a mirror,
Reflecting the broken shards of my soul forever.

Oh city of lights, does the sun still burn,
Do you still create passion, does that restaurant still turn?
Oh city of lights, do you remember me?
Does my spirit still wander alone by your sea?
Oh city of lights, how are my friends?
And what of the traffic jam that never ends?

Roshnian ca sheher, that was your name:
Your light and my Roshni somehow the same.

2 broken entities, misunderstood,
We’re dirty, and annoying, and so bad that we’re good!

Oh city of lights, I have every thing, yet,
Alone here in Scotland, I just can’t forget.

Your streets and your truck art, your capray, and bling,
The pathans, the music, …, every thing.

Karachi, I love you, I dream about you all the time,
And I know you’ve a corner that will always be mine.

I miss all the fun stuff, that we used to do,
The mad dusty chaos that encapsulates you.

The UK, its comfortable, but it doesn’t mean jack!
If I had my way, I’d be flying straight back.

Those long summer days, and sultry nights,
Bathing in the rain, and then flying kites.

Oh city of lights, you live on in my heart,
United in longing, we never shall part.

Oh city of lights, I’ve not much to give,
Yet still I beg to return and live.

Though you took away every thing, you gave me so much,
And from this cold climate, I miss your warm, friendly touch.

There is lots I could say, but I guess I should end,
But on my unfailing loyalty, you can always depend.

Some say your hopeless, falling apart,
But to me you are beauty, the garden of my heart.

Karachi, know this, that I’m not here to stay,
Come Hell or High Water, I’ll return some day.

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