Thursday, 27 January 2011

Who are you?

There is something of a tag, or a trend going on in Blog land right now that I rather like! its about getting to know your readers! It can be interesting, especially if you are like me, and didn’t really push your blog to your friends and contacts. In my case, I didn’t plug it because I was keen to see if I could generate readers on my own, if I could make friends, if I could spark interest without having to ‘beg people to read! Now that we are a year and a bit in, we’ve got 15 followers (out of which I personally know about 4), so that’s not bad going! And that’s just the followers: I’m sure there are a fair few folk who scout around in here on and off (if the Emails are any thing to go on!).
So, now I’m throwing the floor wide open! I want to know more! Drop me a line, leave a comment at the end of this post, tell me who you are, where you are from, and what brings you here (and if you come back, why!!). I am more than happy for you to leave feedback: likes, dislikes and things you would like to see, or think I can improve on. If you ‘Lurk, and you like it: that’s cool! You must still comment though: you can do so anonymously, or under another name if you like! so readers: the floor is yours! Please do respond, other wise I’ll look like a bit of a doofis when this thing falls flat! huge grin


  1. We met at the RMA conference. I read all your posts but don't comment on all of them - usually because I read when I should be heading out the door to work.

  2. I come to your blog because I enjoy reading what you have to say. Especially because I can relate to many topics. I really enjoyed your wedding series. Masha'Allah, so beautiful!!

    Oh and I live in the States and you can call me Oasis. lol

  3. Salaams all: sis Otowi: how can I ever forget you! We had such an inspirational and memorable time together at the RMA Conference, I still miss you and every one I met over the 2 days, I’m really excited that we are finally planning another one for 2011! Its been way too long since I met up with you all!
    And Oasis: welcome to my blog! I’m glad you like it: and glad you drop by so frequently: I always enjoy your comments. I’ll be continuing with my posts on Iran, the wedding etc, just wanted to let Muharram and Safar pass as it didn’t feel appropriate to discuss such things during those days: but there is more to come so stay tuned! Jazak Allah to both of you for commenting!

  4. OH: quick PS here to both of you and any one else who posts: if you are wondering why I don’t comment on your own blogs, simple: the google picture identification cymbals don’t allow me to do so! Despite the fact that they advertise an audio version of this, it does not work and so there is no way for me to comment, (unless the verification thing is disabled: and because of Spam, that doesn’t work for every one), just thought I’d add that in case you thought I was ignoring you all!

  5. Hi Roshni,
    I saw you on LuckyFatima's blog.
    We have lots in common.
    Would like to email you privately.
    Wonder why you have a blogspot blog when you so correctly state "blind people can't comment."
    Would love to talk and such.
    my blog is
    I'll try to go back far enough to really read your story,
    but it is kind of discouraging if I can't comment.
    .... .... you know?

  6. ok, so i tried to comment and it works! Your blogspot blog is the only one that i can comment on.
    Glad that you worked it out for me.
    We all have our own paths and our own stories and it is good to read yours!
    But, i have only read the last two posts. I like going in order, so will try to start from the beginning.
    nice to see another interesting blogger.

  7. Greetings Jamily5! Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment over here. I read your blog as well, but must confess I haven’t commented so far (promise I will now though!). I’m glad you worked out the comment thing; I purposely made sure there was no character verification thing here; sometimes its annoying for me because of having to delete Spam, but I believe its worth it so that every one can comment. I’m delighted you enjoy the blog so far and would agree we have allot in common! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts on what you have been reading. If you wish to contact me privately, you can do so via my google profile by sending a message.


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