Monday, 21 March 2011

Calling all Muslimah Bloggers!

While passing through blog land yesterday, I came across a sister who is trying to collate a directory of Muslimah (Muslim Female) bloggers from across the globe. Whether you blog about Islam, or about cooking, about Travel, fashion, or something way more random! If you are Muslim, and a female blogger; she would like to hear from you!
To have your blog added to the directory, Email your details to Sister Rabiaa Ashraf at:
In your Email, please include the following:
Your Name; (and age, if you want to that is!), your location, a link to your blog and the blog title, along with a brief description of your blog. Please also add a note of which category you feel your blog would best be categorised under: i.e., Islam, cooking, general, and so on.
Hats off to SR Rabiaa; it’s a fantastic idea; and a wonderful tool for networking and promoting the great work Muslimah bloggers are doing. Keep up the good work; and to the rest of you, Please do Email the sister and have your blog added to her growing list!

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