Monday, 7 March 2011

OOOO Another Award!

Hello, .., Happy Monday!
So, Sis Tara over at FHWS (Future Husbands and wives of Saudis), has
generously past me the 'gorgeous blog award! This award is gifted to
all Awesome bloggers! All you have to do is answer the 5 questions
below, then pass the award to 5 bloggers you think deserve the award!
So, here goes!

1) when did you start your blog?
2) Back in May 2009! I'd been thinking about starting a blog for a
while, but one Saturday night when I was bored, I finally got to it!
If you'd told me I'd still be here, around 3 years later, with some
dedicated followers and some great new friends I've met through
blogging, I would have had a great laugh! But I'm still here, and I
love the fact that this blog stands as a testament to lots of joys,
sadness, highs and lows, yet with your love and the grace of Allah
(SWT) I've come through it all! What is the saying; if Allah brings
you to it, he will bring you through it!

3) What do you write about?

4) Well! Every thing and any thing! My personal thoughts, reflections,
views and ridiculous moments! I share articles, comment and Islamic
materials, as well as topical issues of interest; particularly those
which don't get much in the way of a mainstream airing (such as the
FGM series). More recently, the blog has taken quite an Iranian slant
(for obvious reasons!), but I like the fact that it is fluid and keeps
taking on new dimensions, (oh, and it goes without saying; if there is
something you'd like me to write about, or just a question you've been
dying to ask, leave it in the comments section and I'll get to it!).

3) What makes your blog special?
Hmm! You tell me!! I don't know that it is special; I've read many
blogs that are way better! But certainly I can't think of any other
bloggers who write from my perspective; (blind shia convert, divorced,
remarried, etc). There are allot of different facets to me, and to the
blog. Not every one will relate to them all, but many will relate to
one or some of them, and that gives me some comfort in that I am
reaching out, or creating a voice for those who are often not
represented/heard. I think one thing that is special about this blog,
and all blogs for that matter, is the fact that it is a living record
of the life cycle. This kind of writing used to exist in diaries, yet
with a blog, you are able to bring so much more of yourself; media,
poetry, music and so on; not to mention the ability to make new
connections with new people; While I often fret over blogger crashing
(I've no backup!), I really believe that blogs will act as the history
of the future, and it somehow feels like a real honour to be part of

4) What made you want to start writing a blog!
6) Well, I think I've sort-of covered that one! People like 'Lucky
Fatima really inspired me; I could see the potential blogs can have
for learning, educating and creating access to a world view from the
ground as it were. Plus, while I've worked in TV, radio etc, I haven't
experimented much with print media and the blog was a good sounding
board from which to do it, as well as floating ideas for my book, (but
only you know how well I'm doing), (or not!).

5) What would you like to change in your blog?
Hmm, the layout I think, needs more pictures, more exciting template,
Insha Allah when Reza and I are together he has promised to do some
facelift work on the blog, so watch this space! Other than that, I'm
fairly happy for it to grow organically as it has been growing! Of
course a few more followers and better web stats would be nice, but
lets not be greedy! Allahu Alim!

So, while there are far too many of you to honour, there can only be 5 winners!
Mine are: Lucky Fatima,
Sis Masooma (otowi),
Kanwal, from Kanwalful meets world, (because she was the very first
person to give me an award!).
My cousin Irena from 'On Our Journey,
And last but not least, to jan from 'Gori Desi Rishta, for being
another one of the scarce few blind bloggers out there! Pick up your
award, answer the questions and don't forget to share the love, and
pass it on! (oh and I do love the rest of you; so feel free to pick it
up, if you really want; that wasn't a Michael Jackson moment; you
really are awesome!).

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