Friday, 11 March 2011

Treasured Moments in time (dedicated to SR Sakina)

I’ve said this before; but its true! When I started this blog, I didn’t tell any one about it! I was keen to see if it could generate any interest on its own, and also, like many bloggers before me, was keen to use it as a platform to meet, and connect with, other like-minded bloggers from around the world!
Inevitably, a few friends from blog land did come to join me here, though to date, the only person I have actually met in the flesh (from my followers that is), is our own SR Masooma!
So, imagine my shock when, after a lecture at mosque tonight, a beautiful young sister comes up to me and asks “are you Roshni?”. Now, given that I’m involved in a range of community activities around here, and have done some work for Ahlulbayt TV, I assumed she knew me through one of those mediums! I was totally shocked however when she said, “I know you; I actually read your blog!”. That was just awesome; and that has never happened before! Moreover, she assures me that she reads it, and actually liked it! (well, in particular she enjoyed the Iranian diary series; which I promise I will get back to and finish, at least before our first anniversary!).

Seriously though; it was a lovely feeling to connect with this sister, it reaffirms the feeling that our community is small, intimate, loving and caring, and that, wherever you are in the world, you will find Muslim sisters to bring noor to your path and brighten your moments.
I want to thank the sister for approaching me, and also welcome her to my city (she’s studying away from home!). I pray you find a second home here; and now that you actually know me (in person), be sure to let me know if I can help in any way! Moreover, feel free to post here too; let others know you so that we can share the love, and build the circle!

What also touched me about meeting this sister was the reality that, in some small way, these random musings of mine can actually touch other people! Whether they enjoy them or not, agree with them or not, if they act even as a medium to bring people together, I am satisfied with that. Of course; if they laugh, smile, or learn something along the way, then I pray that Allah (SWT) accepts that Insha Allah!
So; my message? If you have a fellow blogger that you enjoy, (and that you know!), pop up and say hi to them; take it from me, after the difficult week I have just had (read the earlier post), I swear this sister made me smile; and I’m very grateful to her for that!
And hey; if any more of the Scotland crew are reading, why don’t you drop by and say hi too! Its amazing what a bit of Muslim Networking can do!


  1. Hello there! welcome to my blog; its fantastic to have you on board! I’m glad you liked this article; and do feel free to comment on other things you like or dislike; so that I can make this little corner of blog land all the better!
    Thanks again for dropping by; hope we hear more from you!


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