Thursday, 26 May 2011

May Means Updates (and another year in BlogLand!)

Now then; so I promised an update: and here it is! I have to say that all my good intentions re: blogging have really gone to the wall since the beginning of the year, and I won’t even fake any change in that as it will probably only get worse, (oh and its probably best not to mention the wedding series that I’ve never actually finished!).
Any way; where are we at! Well, one of the reasons for my lack of updates stems from the fact that I’ve returned to education! Its something that’s been on my mind for a while, and came to the forefront when I officially became one of the great unemployed!
As many of you know I’ve been writing for a long time: for work, for pleasure, for potential publication in the future! The thing is that my book is now at that point where it needs a caring committed editor: and good ones usually charge an arm and several legs for their time, and I ain’t got any going spare now have I!
The upshot was, if I wanted something doing, I’d have to do it myself; and so I’ve enrolled in a BA programme, studying English literature! I always wish I’d studied English after school rather than journalism, but better late than never, plus I feel the reflective nature of my current difficulties make me a prime candidate for English! The Programme is with the Open University, and as the nature of long-distance study is flexible all the way, I’ve chosen my core subjects to reflect both my love of literature and my need to improve my writing/editing abilities. Naturally I’ll test some of it over here, so feel free to comment and critique as much as you wish to!
In other news, Reza and I are no further forward with our case, (but I expect most of you guessed that!). We’ve taken a new lawyer, (whole other story but the first one wasn’t really working as hard as she could have for us), we’re using a new route for our next application, so we can only hope and pray it proves fruitful this time around. I won’t go on about how much pressure this is putting on us: I’m sure you can guess! But while I recognised that pressure on the face of it, I didn’t realise its internal/longer term impact till a recent hospital visit! Without going in to too much detail, I’ve developed some health problems (they are female specific and lasting), which truthfully I can only put down to stress, tension and more anxiety! How this will impact on our married life I just don’t know, its impossible to pre-empt the future at a million miles away; with time, comes certainty!
On a more positive note, we’ve had elections since my last update, and the Scottish Nationalists stole the show with a massive landslide victory! Despite the electoral system which was apparently designed to prevent such a huge majority! I worked tirelessly all through the campaign and the success/adrenaline was just a privilege to behold on every front! Osama’s cousin became a MSP: something MR Saeed never actually managed to achieve! Still, we won’t hold that against Hamza Yousef as he seems to be very different from the SIF Stooge!
Oh and there was the royal wedding too: William and Kathryn: and while I hated all the hype and the ridiculous amount of media attention it generated, the ceremony itself was truly captivating; and I admit to watching it countless times since the big day (though not in company!).

So where are we now? Well, same old legal stuff, my new degree course (lots of study), and continual job searching, hospital visits: oh and travelling! Over the next 2 months I’ll be visiting Azerbaijan, Ireland, London and Dartington, so while there won’t be much happening around here, I’ll have loads to tell you when I get back!
Those of you who have been here for a while may have noted that the blog will be 2 years old this weekend! Its amazing; I never thought I’d make it this far! So much has happened in these 2 years (good and bad), and shockingly, too much has stayed the same! However this space remains a joy; a sanctuary, a place to share, to hear and be heard; and a space to reflect on tears and joys gone by. I may not devote the same time and care to it, nor the same researched articles as before, but I value all your input and appreciate all the new followers who have joined over the past couple of months! The stats make interesting reading, and the fact that 22 of you do actually drop by here on a regular basis and declare the same by following means a great deal to me: I’m not interested in quantity, but quality really does matter to me.
All I ask of you my dear readers is to drop by when you can, and as another blog year ends and the next takes over, do remember me in your prayers; whatever happens in this New Year will be challenging, that much is clear to me, but with patience, courage and strength, there is no test too great! Inner strength comes through spiritual regeneration, and the love/prayers of others, so please do remember me as I remember you all,
On to a new chapter with firm footing and head held high! (and nothing about life being like a box of chocolates, or a bucket of mushrooms), (more of that some other time).
Peace and out.

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