Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Goray Do UrdU, and Farsi Too, hows about you?

Reza sent me this video; and it reminded me so much of the John Hanson film I posted around this time 2 years ago!
Any way, believe it or not this guy is the US Foreign Affairs spokesman! Maybe he might take time out of his poetry reading to advise his compatriots to suspend their preparations for bombing the sh*** out of Iran; I’m sure they’d find that allot more useful than being subject to his novel American tinted dialect!
Digs apart though, you have to give it to the guy; he’s the most educated of US government spokesmen I’ve ever seen, and his Farsi is something to behold! Though he speaks better than me, this film gave me a massive complex and I spent an hour on the phone to my in-laws this morning taking assurances from them that not every thing I attempt to pronounce sounds like an Ethnically confused Persian cat seeking asylum!
Watch and enjoy!

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