Friday, 15 July 2011

Intizar; a poem on waiting for Imam Mahdi (ATF)

Tired and lonely, stress on her face,
Light hardly lives here, not even a trace.

Trying to make sense of the purpose of life,
Why all the suffering, the sorrow, and strife.

Try as she might, she can’t stay on track,
Haunted by the past, she always looks back.
Yet behind her tears, one fact remains true, This slave in her darkness, is waiting for you.

She wonders in silence, what its all about,
The pain leaves her empty, unable to shout.
She’s so cynical, sinful, she’s lost the straight way;
She’s so ashamed of herself she feels embarrassed to pray.
Still, through unemployment, hardship, and separation too, this slave remains constantly waiting for you.

This slave didn’t know what it was to be blind,
Till the light of alIslam she could not find.
Things used to be simple, every thing was alright, till the tests just got harder, and she dissolved in sheer fright.

Even the strongest souls can, lose their iman,
Corrupted and poisoned by that old devil Shaytan!
But this slave is reminded, by this night and its truth, by the Secrets she learned from Ahlulbayt in her youth.

Tonight, she remembers the light of the earth, as the world gathers to celebrate your birth.

They pray, read qur’an, recite and prostrate;
But this slave is different; she stays silent, to wait.
She listens intently to the sound of the sky,
Hoping for a miracle, a smile or a cry.

She prays for a sign you are close at hand, she won’t beg, will not question, she won’t ask or demand.

She’s no one to ask you for the things she desires,
To earn your closeness is all she aspires.

Ya Imam, Ya hujjat, forgive me, I pray,
May my heart and my spirit be sacrificed in your way.

Grant me the wisdom, to tackle this test, so that even when I’m losing, I’m still doing my best!

Teach me, guide me, enlighten my stride,
So that one day you might look upon me with pride.

Grant me the knowledge to understand the unseen,
Elevate my soul to your chosen 313.

Ya Imam, in my prayers, my working, in all that I do;
I’m waiting, and waiting, just waiting, for you.


  1. Thank you, for giving speech to those of us who cannot speak...

    You have brought tears to my eyes three times today, what can I do for you in return?

    God bless you.


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