Sunday, 6 November 2011

Where Darkness ends ... there is eid!

Eid Mubarak When the Darkness ends
where the darkness ends and time begins..
the monotonous endless suffering of sins..
some possess a host of debatable selves,
fake personalities taken from the wooden shelves,
the complacency of establishment shake our deen,
the conflicts of the contemporary universe forever seen...
where the darkness ends and time begins..
forced to adapt ideas and an irrational finding
honour is shattered and honesty in the bins
our ummah cannot lie for our teeth are grinding
continuously we betray our Lord,.our contradictory influence,
Yet our Lord has never betrayed us..manifesting existence.
where the darkness ends and time begins,
Even now the Universe echoes..Koonfayakoon...
Faith in Allah s.w.t. and everybody wins.
Believer of the final Book, do you not see the crack in the moon,
People of the book- our brothers and sisters -we will meet soon,
Come join us- share our roti and naan-do not stray,
Celebrate with us - as our brothers and sisters spiritually wash their sins away,
we pray for our family-our mothers, brothers, sisters,fathers and neighbours,
we send dua to them at all times- for the rooh never dies,
Please do not deny from our beloved Lord any heavenly favours..
as Darkness ends and the time begins...humankind faintly cries,
For their sins they do despair..gambling..alcohol.womanising..
A deep sense of purpose and meaning to our existence is rising..
Islam binds human consciousness into the heart of a receptive emotion.
Indeed the way is ' salaam'-a genuinely human devotion...
the Haj has ended, the heavens are lit with heavenly light,
haircuts and beads, zum zum drunk and the single sheet so white,
the sins have been vanquished from an indefinable source of inspiration..
our Lord's generosity knows no bounds-the Hajis with their souls glowing bright,
where darkness ends and time begins....its complete aspiration.
So in this fascinating age..Eid Mubarak to one and all.

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