Thursday, 11 October 2012

Knock me down with a feather, Trevor!

Don't ask me where the whole Trevor theme at work started (I blame
Abbs for introducing me to Magical Trevor), but it gets me through the
day, and this humorous Trevor poem just about describes where I'm at
right now!
Who would have thought a humble toad could be so violent, eccentric
and romantic all at the same time? Enjoy!

The pond was very busy and young Trevor Toad was late,

he had to hunt for food to take - a special dinner date,

when Tina mentioned picnic lunch, down at the rocky end,

her eyes had said that Trevor might be more than just a friend.

Four tadpoles held him up by holding hands across the road,

demanding that he pay a toll for being such a toad,

a childish prank that would have been all right some other day,

he bashed them - said a little prayer - then hurried on his way.

He hopped along quite quickly, there was such a way to go,

but zygo weed was everywhere, and made his progress slow,

he hit the shore and found the mud was wet, and thick as goo,

a baby eel got in the way, so Trevor bashed him, too.

He dove into the water and sank right down to the bed,

if swimming took up too much time, he'd walk along instead,

a crayfish that he landed on grabbed Trevor with a claw,

so Trevor chomped his head although he hated shellfish raw.

He hit the surface hopping mad, a newt was swimming slow,

he punched him and then stretched his legs, he'd still a way to go,

he felt a little better when he bashed a dragonfly,

perhaps he still could make it? He decided he would try.

He ran and hopped and swam and then was held up with a frown,

a strider insect blocked the way so Trevor knocked him down,

he saw the rocky shore ahead and slowed down on his stroke,

that's when he made a sudden stop, and heard a mighty croak.

A big fat frog was holding up the traffic in the lane,

he asked for some donation, that's when Trevor went insane,

he screamed an oath and grabbed a rock and threw it at his head,

then suddenly the way was clear - the frog was floating, dead.

He hopped up on the rock where Tina squatted on a rug,

they smiled at one another as they shared a doodle bug,

"So, what is for our lunch?" she asked, I'm famished, don't you know,

"A special treat, said Trevor, "lobster tail and escargots